Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Convention 2015 Is Here!

Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home is finally here!

Tonight, Platinum International Diamonds and Gold International Diamonds will showcase their western apparel for a night of Foundation 4Life® fundraising, product reveals, and more at the Platinum and Gold Social.

After that, Convention 2015 will officially start with the Wild, Wild West opening party, complete with dancing, socializing, and listening to country western tunes by Charley Jenkins and Firehawk.

Tomorrow, General Session I will include inspiring speeches from 4Life executives and distributor leaders, fantastic entertainment, and phenomenal product launches.

During General Session II on Friday morning, we'll recognize Diamonds, Presidential Diamonds, and International Diamonds for their achievements over the past 18 months.

At the Recognition Gala on Friday evening, we'll honor the accomplishments of Gold International Diamonds, and President's Club members at the International Diamond, Gold International Diamond, and Platinum International Diamond levels. To close out the evening, we'll pay fitting tribute to our Platinum International Diamonds!

It's time to bring dreams home. Let's get started!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Is in the Air!

After moving to Salvador, Brazil, one of the adjustments we've had to make is that we don't experience significant changes in seasons. Winter is hot and summer is hotter!

We both grew up in areas of the United States where there was a marked difference in the seasons. This instilled in us a built-in calendar, with a definite sense of endings and new beginnings. After three or four months of feeling hidden under the snow and ice of Utah winters, it was always a thrill when the air thawed, snow melted, and the fresh scent of spring was in the air. The appearance of that first daffodil was always something to celebrate!

Spring is the essence of hope—new life, new potential, and new growth. And, spring is definitely in the air at 4Life® Global Headquarters! During Convention 2015: Bring Dreams  Home, you'll see many things "blossoming"—products that will support your health and help you experience positive business growth; friendships that will increase your joy long after convention is over; tools to enhance the growth of your group; and, inspiration and motivation to nourish your mind and spirit, helping you to embrace new experiences for personal growth.

Spring is truly in the air at 4Life!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Share Your Light with the World

There is a light in each of us that is meant to be shared with others. Those who embrace service as a part of their 4Life business understand that 4Life is more than a company. It's a lifestyle. A life filled with service provides a remarkable sense of personal growth and achievement.

Join us at Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home to learn more about the 4Life® service theme for 2015—Share the Light.

Service has always played an important role in the overall 4Life vision, and it can become a key component of your business as well. When you adopt service into your life and business, you can join with us to help people throughout the world.

Foundation 4Life® believes that children are the future. We consider it a privilege to do everything in our power to provide the best possible foundation for children throughout the world so they can build extraordinary lives for themselves and others.

Become an active member of Foundation 4Life and share your light with others! Together, we can make a difference by bringing hope to the world.

Come to convention and learn how your support brings hope to precious children around the world.

Follow Foundation 4Life on social media:
Instagram: @foundation_4life

Visit the new website at to see how Foundation 4Life is making a difference in a community near you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Do You Bring It?

A few months ago, the team at 4Life® Global Headquarters began asking you to send in your "bring it" photos—to show how you're working hard every day to bring dreams home. Below are several of the great photos that have been received. Keep them coming! Email a high-resolution photo* (at least 640 x 480 pixels, but larger is better) to Finish the following sentence: I bring it when __________.

4Life distributor Clara Pérez from Florida, USA: I bring it when I tell my friends and family members about the good that 4Life products have done for my son.

 Diamond Yadira Dávila from Florida, USA: I bring it when my team members and I donate 500 4Life Fortify® bags for children worldwide each year.

 International Diamond Rajashekhar Vavilapally from India: I bring it when I earn the money to buy my dream car.

 Diamond Edgar Fernando Rodríguez Pacheco from Colombia: I bring it when I help my family members enjoy great health and live happy lives.

 Gold International Diamonds Joel Rivera and Jennifer Martínez from Florida, USA: We bring it as a team when we go out and spread the word of the 4Life opportunity!

Diamond Toshimi Kariya from Japan: I bring it when I devote myself 24/7 for all of my team members.

*Please submit original photos only. No copyrighted material will be accepted. 4Life is not responsible for determining if the photos infringe on copyright laws. Participants understand that 4Life may use, promote, and represent the material for development and commercial purposes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exciting Events at Convention 2015!

Every 4Life® convention is bigger and better than the one before. And Convention 2015 will be no exception! You simply can't afford to miss this event. We promise you that attending Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home will be a defining moment in your business and your life.

The team at Global Headquarters has many exciting things planned, including:
The best parties of the year

Motivation by Platinum International Diamonds

Keynote Speaker Kyle Maynard

Guest Speaker Noelle Pikus Pace

Science Symposium, featuring Chris Lockwood, PhD, CSCS

Inspiration from 4Life executives

A celebration of your success

Home Office tours

Project Transform

Register today for Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Share the Light of Service

At 4Life®, service is truly at the heart of everything we do. When you enjoy a phenomenal lifestyle with the 4Life products and business opportunity, you naturally want to share your good fortune with others. We firmly believe that each of us has a light that is meant to be shared. Service is an amazing way to do that!

When we started Foundation 4Life® in 2006, we established clear goals. We work to build people, families, and communities wherever 4Life conducts business, with a particular focus on the children of the world. Together, we can leave a lasting legacy of empowerment for children and the communities in which they reside.

Our service efforts set us apart from other companies. And because of that, service is a great way to start a conversation about 4Life. We encourage you to start conversations about 4Life by introducing people to our combined service efforts all over the world.

The brand-new Foundation 4Life website includes information on Foundation 4Life projects, the community development program, distributor donors, the latest service news, and much more. Because of distributors like you, we can bring smiles to the faces of children who have to endure the harsh realities of life.

We encourage you to get involved with 4Life service efforts, in whatever way you can. Share your love and service with others—and share your light!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Are You Ready to Bring It?

As we look forward to Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home, we've thought about what it means to "bring it" in your business. Every day, you work hard so that you and your family can enjoy a better lifestyle. You make extra phone calls even when you're tired, and you attend meetings to support your team members in their own journeys. That's what it means to "bring it!"

You "bring it" when you share 4Life products with others every day so that they, too, can enjoy the same health benefits that have changed your life. And, you "bring it" when you generously support 4Life service efforts around the world. We are so thankful for all of the ways in which you "bring it" so that other people can enjoy the 4Life family and change their own lives.

What are you doing to work hard to build your 4Life business and achieve your dreams? Show us in a photo! Maybe it's a photo of your 4Life calendar, your 4Life team at a home meeting, or your family. Email a high-resolution photo* (at least 640 x 480 pixels, but larger is better) to Finish the following sentence: I bring it when _________________.

Another great way to "bring it" is to attend Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home! Convention will be a great time for you to learn about amazing products that will help you achieve even greater success in your organization. It will be a time to gain inspiration from distributor leaders and 4Life executives. It will be a fantastic opportunity to acquire tools to more effectively introduce the 4Life products and opportunity to others.

We challenge you to attend Convention 2015 and Bring Dreams Home to Salt Lake City, Utah, April 15–18. Register today!

*Please submit original photos only. No copyrighted material will be accepted. 4Life is not responsible for determining if the photos infringe on copyright laws. Participants understand that 4Life may use, promote, and represent the material for development and commercial purposes.