Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Antonio González

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamond Antonio González from Puerto Rico! Antonio has achieved great success with his business through persistence, service, and leadership. Thank you, Antonio, for your dedication to 4Life and your team members!

Because of 4Life, my personal and financial situations have improved 100%. I have achieved financial freedom. I have been able to provide food to an impoverished family, support the health of other people, and participate in philanthropic initiatives through Foundation 4Life®.

To develop a successful 4Life business, you need to have a strong desire and love the company with all of your heart. Professionally prepare yourself in all aspects. Knowledge is the key for understanding. You also need to closely following an educational system and be persistent to reach your goals and dreams.

I feel very happy knowing that 4Life is the opportunity that will transform the whole world. Reaching the Gold International Diamond level is an extraordinary experience and I feel privileged to be part of the International Networkers Team. It was extremely gratifying to be personally recognized as a Gold International Diamond during Convention 2012 and be honored by 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee.

Together, we're making a difference in the lives of people everywhere. We're taking hope to others. This is our purpose—our huge responsibility—and we do it with deep love. Through shared values, teamwork, empathy, communication, and initiative, each one of us can develop solid relationships and be part of a growing network. Our purpose in life is to serve and edify other people, taking the message of hope and change to families all over the world.

Antonio González

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Ángels Muñoz Estape

Congratulations to new Gold International Ángels Muñoz Estape from Spain! Ángels has helped support phenomenal growth in her home country with her leadership, commitment, and passion for the 4Life products and financial opportunity. Thanks, Ángels!

Years ago, a patient of mine told me about 4Life Transfer Factor® and I learned about the financial opportunity through my good friend and Gold International Diamond Carme Solá Xalabardé. I decided to join 4Life because the network marketing industry opens doors to freedom and helps people grow personally and contribute socially.

Through 4Life, my life has been transformed. I've worked on my leadership skills and developed my full potential. My life is now full of motivation, dreams, and passion. I've found my purpose in life. As I help myself, I also help others make their dreams come true and enjoy freedom, happiness, and strength. I am so grateful that I've found the perfect vehicle to help give people hope. I share the 4Life message with passion, cheerfulness, and love.

I feel blessed to have achieved the Gold International Diamond level, thanks to the effort, perseverance, confidence, and love of all the people on my team. Such marvelous teamwork has made this goal possible. The process of becoming a Gold International Diamond has been a gift.

I am motivated by the fact that I can help transform the world with 4Life, my team, and my family. Through 4Life, men and women fight for their dreams, develop their capabilities and talents, and help others take the same challenge. Fears can disappear and be replaced by energy, happiness, and vitality. 4Life is a ray of light that blesses everyone.

Ángels Muñoz Estape

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Service Milestones at Passport to Freedom

The Foundation 4Life® basketball game was a great success. Everyone who attended had a fabulous time and we raised more than $242,000 for a brand-new service initiative. The game was the brain-child of Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado, and it was a great example of the many creative ways that we can help engage people to raise money for this worthy cause. It was our most successful fundraising event ever!

The new 4Life Service initiative is a community development program that will do so much more than just give families money or food for one day. This new program will bring hope to individuals, families, and communities. It's a culmination of everything we've worked together to accomplish.

In February, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new community center at the Marco Aurelio Soto School community in Jardines del Norte, Choloma, Honduras. The new center will provide a warm meal to 250 impoverished children each school day, plus new educational opportunities for their families. And, we recently announced a new partnership with the Dona Justa Guido Memorial School being built this summer in Manila, Philippines. We're thrilled about these two centers and the centers we hope to open in the future. Click here to watch a great video about this new service initiative.

During Passport to Freedom, we also announced that we have provided over two million 4Life Fortify® meals to hungry children in 11 countries. Just like everything we do at 4Life, our goal with 4Life service initiatives is to empower people with the tools they need for financial freedom and independence. And together, we're doing just that. Thank you for all you do! Click here to watch the 4Life Fortify video shown at Passport to Freedom.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

J.R. Martinez Has Great Moves!

Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom keynote speaker J.R. Martinez captured the hearts of America when he won the Dancing with the Stars competition last year. This accomplishment is particularly remarkable given the fact that as a 19-year-old soldier in Iraq, J.R. suffered terrible injuries when the Humvee he was driving hit a land mine. J.R. was left disfigured and in despair. His life seemed over. His dream to play professional football was gone. After spending months in the hospital and undergoing countless plastic surgeries, J.R. said he wanted to die. His mother told him that the people that really mattered in his life still felt the same way about him, regardless of his changed appearance. (What a wise mom!)

During Passport to Freedom, J.R. shared that he began to find purpose in life again when he started to reach out to other wounded soldiers. Service was a critical key to his recovery. He also said that learning to adapt to overcome challenges is one of the secrets of life. J.R. has become a motivational speaker, inspiring many people with his message, humor, and love.

After he spoke, David asked J.R. if he would give me a twirl on stage, J.R. graciously accepted. He took one of my hands, told me to put the other hand on his shoulder, and said, Just hang on tight." And before I knew it, I was being dipped, twirled, and lifted. It was a moment I will not soon forget!

In addition to his great dance moves, those of us in attendance will not soon forget J.R.'s powerful message, especially during our own times of discouragement and adversity. After all he has been through, J.R. says that he's grateful for that day his truck blew up because it led him to the life he is living today. It's a life that J.R. would not have necessarily chosen for himself, but it has more meaning than what he had planned. Serving, adapting, overcoming, and becoming. Those are some really great moves to have in life!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrating Financial Freedom at Convention

We have so much to get excited about at 4Life! It was amazing to celebrate all of your great accomplishments at Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom. We cheered on a host of new President's Club members and Silver Dollar award winners, recognized a great group of new rank achievers, and listened to speeches from Platinum International Diamonds and successful 4Life distributors.

During March 2012, we celebrated a record-breaking seven Gold International Diamond rank advancements and a new Platinum International Diamond achievement. 4Life broke into the top 50 worldwide companies on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list with a 2011 rank of #45. And in April, the company experienced a slew of record-breaking sales days. Posting nearly 20% global growth, 4Life distributor home-based businesses are thriving. These amazing growth milestones were made possible because of you—your hard work, your unwavering dedication, and your commitment to fulfilling your dreams.

As 4Life distributors, you have chosen freedom. Through the actions you take on a daily basis, you enrich your lives and the lives of people around you. And, you continually confirm 4Life's position as one of the leading network marketing companies in the world.

When you dedicate yourself to building a successful 4Life business, you can achieve freedom to control your future, freedom to manage your time, freedom to support your health, and freedom to overcome whatever limitations stand in your way. 4Life is your passport to freedom. Together, let's celebrate everything you can achieve with 4Life at your side!

Click here to view the opening video from convention!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Wonderful Team

When Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado met his future wife Damaris several years ago, we knew that they would accomplish great things as an unstoppable team. And together, they have accomplished something that no other distributor team has done before. Not only is Juan a qualified Platinum, but now, Damaris has achieved the Platinum level in her own right. This is the first time ever that 4Life has had two Platinum International Diamonds in the same household!

On behalf of all 4Life executives, we want to congratulate Juan and Damaris on this tremendous accomplishment. Achieving the Platinum level, not just once, but twice, really shows what can happen when you mentor members of your team and nurture their business growth. When you display true leadership, wonderful things can transpire.

Damaris is a great inspiration. She is a woman who cares deeply about her family, as well as helping children all over the world. Together, Juan and Damaris have shown all of us the power of leadership and true teamwork. Thank you, Juan and Damaris, for your wonderful leadership, teamwork, and commitment to 4Life, your family, and the legacy you're building for the future.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Advancements during Passport to Freedom

Vision is one of the many blessings that empowers our ability to live freely every day. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night, our eyes provide us with visions of life and its most spectacular moments. In the United States alone, vision is the sense that people fear losing most.* In fact, almost 90% of our sensory input comes from our eyes, making it easy to understand why most people consider it to be the most valuable sense.

During the first General Session of Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom, I was so pleased to introduce the newest product of the Targeted Transfer Factor® line. 4Life Transfer Factor Vista promotes your ability to see and appreciate beautiful vistas throughout the course of your life. It contains two of the most researched nutrients for eye health—lutein and zeaxanthin—along with other ingredients that support healthy visual acuity. And, of course, it also features Targeted Transfer Factor, specifically 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula, to support the immune system.

4Life Transfer Factor Vista perfectly complements our array of Transferceutical® products and gives you another advantage when approaching new customers and business partners. Be sure to share it with all the members of your group to get the word out about this amazing new product. Click the link to view a special video about 4Life Transfer Factor Vista on 4Life's YouTube channel.

Also during General Session I, we announced a brand-new flavor of Energy Go Stix®. Now you can get natural energy boosters, fortifying nutrients, and the power of Transfer Factor E-XF in a tasty berry flavor. We made a good thing even better!

*2010 American Eye-Q Results, American Optometric Association