Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recipe for a More Powerful Business

While there really isn't a perfect recipe for achieving success with 4Life, as a business builder, you know that certain things can make a big difference in the growth and stability of your organization. At 4Life, we've brought together several proven business-building elements to create the Power of 4 strategy. When you implement home meetings, product socialization, Diamond4Life enrollment, and Power Pool participation into your business, we promise you that you will see a big difference.

Even better—through the end of January, you can participate in the Power of 4 promotion for a chance to win fabulous prizes, including two grand prize Great Escape+ trips for two. Every month, you can qualify for great prizes like a 4Life messenger bag or an Apple iPad.

We hope that you'll begin using the Power of 4 strategy in your business, and take advantage of this great promotion. Whether you're working to achieve the next rank level, looking for ways to motivate your leaders, or hoping to create a more cohesive group, we're confident that utilizing Power of 4 principles will be a great addition to your recipe for a more powerful business.

Visit today to read more about the strategy and the details of the promotion.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Count Our Blessings

This is a great time of year to count our blessings, take stock of what we have accomplished during the last several months, and set goals to achieve those things we have yet to do. Whatever you do, we hope you won't be discouraged about what you have not accomplished in 2012. Just remember that you have more chances to keep trying!

Also, take heart in all of the good things you were able to achieve this year. Because of your dedication, more people than ever before have discovered the ultimate immune system support that 4Life Transfer Factor® products provide. Because of your passion, thousands more are on the road to achieving freedom. And, because of your generous hearts, 4Life service initiatives have made a big difference in the nutrition, health, and education of children all over the world.

It's been said that gratitude is the mother of all virtues. Think about that. It's hard to be angry or upset when our hearts are full of thanks. We never let a day go by without recognizing how grateful we are for all of the blessings we have enjoyed because of 4Life.

Thank you for another phenomenal year of sharing the great science of our products, achieving success through the Life Rewards Plan, and reaching out in service to those less fortunate.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Philippines School Expansion Is Complete!

To our delight, our daughter Jenna recently began working for Foundation 4Life®. Last week, she traveled with Foundation 4Life Director Tracie Kay to Manila, Philippines to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the recently completed expansion at the Dona Justa Guido Memorial School. Our hearts were touched as she texted pictures of precious children to us. Jenna was humbled by these amazing children and expressed that she didn't want to ever leave them. She also felt so much more aware of the bounteous blessings she enjoys.

The school has two new classrooms, which will be used by 120 first graders. During their stay, the 4Life group gave a backpack with school supplies to each of the first graders. And, 200 malnourished students were selected to participate in an on-going nutrition program sponsored by Foundation 4Life and Feed The Children.

Jenna and Tracie were joined at the event by many special guests, including Vice President of International Steve Apple and Feed The Children President Kevin Hagan. 4Life Philippines General Manager Eileen Tan also attended, along with several Philippines corporate employees. Many distributors came, including International Diamonds Evelyn Tactac and Frank Uy Tesy, and several Presidential Diamonds and Diamonds.

Together, we can truly change the lives of children throughout the world with Foundation 4Life projects. Thank you for the generosity of your hearts!

Jenna poses with some of the kids from Dona Justa Guido Memorial School.
 The new sign at Dona Justa Guido Memorial School
This little girl is excited to use her new backpack!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Attitude Determines Altitude

Business expert and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." As a home-based business owner, you know that distractions and discouragement come with the territory. And while setbacks will definitely happen to everyone, your attitude will determine how you deal with them, and ultimately, the level of success that you're able to achieve. If you maintain a positive attitude as you work through obstacles, you can accomplish whatever you desire.

Many times over the years, we've heard 4Life distributors say, "Keep your 'why' close by." The "why" for your 4Life business should be the most important goal you're working to achieve. Perhaps you're building a 4Life business so that you can put your daughter through college. Or, maybe you hope to quit your full-time job and spend more time with your family. A great idea is to keep a photo of your "why" close by so it can lift your spirits and help you keep your attitude strong. Another important element is to surround yourself with people who build you up. It can be difficult to succeed when other people weigh you down with their negative thoughts.

We hope that you will take a few moments and think about your attitude, and where you might be able to improve. Attitude really does determine altitude!
Your attitude determines your altitude. Keep a positive attitude and you can go higher!