Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Gold International Diamonds: Lorena Daza Castillo and Dr. Armando Segovia

We'd like to congratulate Lorena Daza Castillo and Dr. Armando Segovia of Ecuador as our newest Gold International Diamonds. They have built their business based on 4Life's philosophy of Together, Building People® and we're grateful for their leadership, commitment, and passion for 4Life. Congratulations!

We were introduced to 4Life through Presidential Diamond Guido Viteri. Since we began our journey with 4Life, we feel full of life! We have new friends and we are fulfilling our life's purpose—to provide service to others. Through 4Life, we have witnessed the transformation of people who did not believe in themselves and had low self-esteem, whether due to their socio-economic status or their cultural background. Once they learn about 4Life, they become different people. They become leaders who can quit their jobs and enjoy a totally different lifestyle. That's 4Life. We have witnessed amazing results with our five children and the 4Life products. We believe in the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor®. For us, the quality of these products is a key point in the company.

We would like to thank Gold International Diamond Esdras Cabrera Alberto for his enthusiasm and dedication in traveling around Ecuador and sharing the 4Life opportunity. We would also like to thank all the leaders in our organization for opening their hearts to this great opportunity. Lastly, we would love to thank David and Bianca Lisonbee for taking the initiative to create a company that is truly focused on Together, Building People through science, success, and service.

Our advice for other 4Life distributors is to keep going forward. Keep your dreams alive and remember that each difficulty you face, each obstacle you overcome, and each wall you climb makes you stronger and gives you the necessary wisdom to be able to achieve your dreams and guide others. Remember that consistency and perseverance are essential in accomplishing your purposes. You have to give room for new thoughts and ideas to grow in order to achieve success. Think big! With 4Life, nothing is impossible.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Masterpiece Will You Create?

Violin workshop in Cremona, Italy

Recently, we visited a little town in Italy called Cremona. It is considered the birthplace of the violin. Additionally, the famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari was born in Cremona. His Stradivarius violins are considered the finest in the world. The whole town is full of violin shops where you can meet and talk with some of the best violin makers in the world. We went to a hall where very old Stradivarius violins, as well as other very valuable violins, are on display in glass cases. Each day, the instruments must be taken out of their cases and played for 15 minutes, or else they will lose their ability to produce such incredible tones. It is said that some of the violins sound better now than they did hundreds of years ago. The violins sounded truly superb!

One thing that really struck us was the power of doing something consistently each day. What masterpiece could be accomplished in your life by dedicating 15 minutes of every day to a task you truly care about? How could you sharpen your business skills or improve your 4Life organization? We have no doubt that if you commit 15 minutes each day to consistently working on one specific aspect of your 4Life business, the results will be dramatic. You may not become a violin virtuoso, but the success you create because of your efforts will be music to many people's ears.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Share Your 4Life Story with the World

If you know much about 4Life, you understand that we are committed to providing solid science behind our products. But we have always said that science is only as good as the lives that it touches. All the research, tests, double-blind studies, and impressive results must translate into individual lives being made better through the use of the products. The substantial science behind our products gives people confidence to try them, but individual experiences give people conviction to share the products with others.

We were fascinated by transfer factors when we first heard about them, but it was not until we tried 4Life Transfer Factor® for ourselves that we became passionate about doing all we could to share it with the world. One thing we have never been short on is a wealth of personal experiences from people who have used 4Life products. In our travels all over the world, including our time here in Italy, people always share their 4Life product testimonials with us.

We're very excited to tell you about a new website— We want your story to be a part of this powerful new tool that will be released during BIG Convention 2010. Tape your own video testimonial and upload it to YouTube. Then, submit it at Stay tuned to see if your testimonial shows up on!

We're looking for any and all 4Life testimonials. Here's a list of possible topics:

—Supporting your immune system with 4Life Transfer Factor products
—Enjoying the benefits of 4Life products at wholesale cost
—Changing your life by building a 4Life business
—Building relationships with 4Life team members
—Traveling around the world
—Helping others change their lives
—Enjoying time freedom with the money you make from your 4Life business

Click here for details on how to submit your video testimonial.

Please remember to always adhere to 4Life's policy with regard to product claims; that is, 4Life distributors may not make any claim that 4Life products are useful in the cure, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation, or prevention of any diseases. Submissions will only be accepted from active 4Life distributors in good standing. Submissions become the property of 4Life and may be edited for content or to meet compliance regulations, published, or otherwise used in any medium. Any entries containing copyrighted material, obscene, crude, graphic, sexual, vulgar, explicit, or offensive content, or any content deemed unsuitable by 4Life Research, will be disqualified.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Powered by Platinums

Our Platinum International Diamonds are truly a distinguished group of people. They have personally built successful businesses. They know the powerful health support that 4Life Transferceutical products offer. They understand the passion, sacrifice, teamwork, and unyielding dedication it requires to build organizations that will stand the test of time.

We are so pleased that 4Life distributors will have the chance to hear from all of our Platinum International Diamonds at BIG Convention 2010. We have had the privilege to spend time with each of these distributors—we know their 4Life stories and we know the goodness of their hearts. And we can promise you that their workshops have the potential to change the way you build your business for the better.

What will you take home from the Powered by Platinums workshop series? Perhaps you've held back until now, afraid to take the necessary steps to achieve the next highest recognition level. Maybe you've been doing pretty well, but you're feeling a little stagnant in your business. Or, maybe you're excited about the progress of your4Life business and you just want to hear secrets from top 4Life distributors. No matter your situation, we promise you that Powered by Platinums will be phenomenal. We've seen these distributors in action many, many times—and we can't wait to see what they share at BIG Convention 2010!