Friday, October 30, 2009

Another great dream story!

Robinson Cabrera

We love reading your dream stories! Here's one from 4Life Diamond Robinson Cabrera:

"For me, being involved with 4Life is a privilege, especially because I was in a very frustrating situation before. I had a lot of financial debts and there was very little hope of me getting out from under them. That's when my 4Life sponsor Vladimir de Alencar told me about the 4Life opportunity. Beginning at that moment, my life has changed in every sense. I believed in the 4Life opportunity so much that I took a big leap of faith and signed up. I knew that this was my opportunity to change my life. In two weeks, I had doubled the investment I had made. With the money I've made with my 4Life business, I have been able to pay off some of my debts. In order to attend the illuminate '09 convention in Orlando, Florida, I had to sell a bracelet and miss a week of work, but it was worth it. I feel more secure and confident in myself. I feel a sense of energy inside because I believe that, in the near future, I will be enjoying a better lifestyle and helping other people around the world. 4Life has transformed me into a better human being. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Robinson Cabrera, 4Life Diamond
Rhode Island, USA

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Friday, October 23, 2009

4Life Family in Italy

One of the great things about being involved with 4Life is that you have a built-in "family" all over the world. Recently, we had the great opportunity to connect with some of our 4Life family members here in Milan, Italy. It was wonderful to have them tell us about their success and their dreams for building their 4Life businesses in the future.

We thought we would share a picture of us with them in front of the famous Duomo (cathedral) here in Milan.

David Lisonbee, Bianca Lisonbee, Nidia Pinzón López, Alessandra Ruggiu, Mirta Jacober, Saverio Gliozzi, and Roxana Monserrate. Not pictured is Marco Groppi who also lives in Milan.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Platinum Leadership Conference

4Life President Steve Tew, his wife Sherma, and the 4Life Platinum International Diamonds

Last weekend, 4Life held a Leadership Conference in Park City, Utah. We were able to "attend" by way of a live video feed. It was great to "see" so many people there and really feel the enthusiasm in the room. Our experiences in establishing a center here in Italy for young people to receive guidance, inspiration, and knowledge has underscored for us the reality that people all over the world are looking for something to make their lives better. More importantly, they are searching for people who can provide them with the tools to create that better life.

A few days ago, we received an e-mail from International Diamond Shawn Alford, one of the distributors who attended the conference.

"I wanted to tell you both how much I was inspired by the Leadership Conference. I have been involved with this company for 10 years and this was the best event—apart from 4Life conventions—that I have ever attended. It gave me the renewed motivation and belief to take my business to the next level. Thank you for your perseverance with 4Life, because it allows me to pursue my dreams and goals, help 4Life achieve their vision of taking 4Life Transfer Factor® to the world, and help others achieve their personal best."

We are so grateful to all our Platinum International Diamonds who took the time to train others on how to reach their goals and dreams. Here are a few of the tips they shared:

Ray and Barbara Meurer: Be real. Connect to people through personal experiences.

Herminio Nevárez and Yadira Olivo: Stay committed to the mission and vision of 4Life and you can achieve your dreams, no matter the obstacles.

Bonnie Taylor: Always build your business with professionalism.

Juan Rosado and Damaris Zapata: Put passion in what you say and what you build.

Jeff Altgilbers: Support your downline distributors and choose the right people for your team.

Dave and Gabriela Daughtrey: You can experience success as you do the work yourself and then show others how to do it, too.

Thank you to all our wonderful 4Life leaders who are teaching others how to fulfill their potential. We are so thankful we have leaders who are definitely worth following.


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Friday, October 9, 2009

No dream is too small!

Joel Rivera and Jennifer Martínez

The following is a dream story that we recently received. We loved reading about Joel and Jennifer's road to achieving their dreams with 4Life.

"Dreams motivate us to achieve things in our lives. When we began with 4Life, we had many dreams: financial, health, and material. There was one dream, though, that many people may think of as insignificant. Our dream was to be able to wake up every morning and have breakfast together as a couple. Working our jobs, my husband as an auto detailer, and me as a receptionist at a veterinary office, we had no time to eat breakfast. We would wake up and drink a cup of coffee and go our separate ways. When we signed up with 4Life, we had only been married for four months, so having breakfast together was very important to us.

"Two years after we started our business, I was able to leave my job and work full-time with 4Life. Today, four years after we first began, we both do 4Life full-time. I am now able to make and eat breakfast with my husband, without being in a rush. Sometimes it's the little things that count. Having breakfast together every morning is a dream come true. If we did it, anyone could do it. Don't ever give up on your dreams, even if you think that they are insignificant. Every dream—no matter how small it may be—is very significant."

Joel Rivera and Jennifer Martínez, 4Life Presidential Diamonds
Florida, USA

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