Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Dionny Recio

We are so thrilled about Dionny Recio's recent Gold International Diamond accomplishment. We always knew that her passion, enthusiasm, and dynamic leadership would bring great success. Congratulations, Dionny!

I decided to enter the network marketing industry to become an independent businesswoman and enjoy the perks of residual income. When I was introduced to 4Life, I immediately saw the possibilities of the financial opportunity. I am thankful to God that I chose 4Life as the financial vehicle to achieve the lifestyle that I enjoy today. My life has done a total turnaround. Thanks to the decision I made, I have been able to influence other lives and bring faith and hope to many people so that they can fight to make their dreams come true.

I am happy to know that I've achieved the Gold International Diamond level. I am thankful to God, 4Life, and my entire team for their commitment in reaching this goal. I share the 4Life opportunity with others by telling them that this is the best company—a company whose growth has been sustained by values and by serving and changing lives. Don't lose focus on the final goal. Have clear dreams. Be loyal, honest, and consistent. Show enthusiasm, have faith, and be persistent until you reach your goal.

Focus on your dreams because they are the only things that can sustain you along the road to success. Discover what you want to accomplish with this opportunity and study the nature of network marketing. Above all, learn about the Life Rewards Plan, which was created to help people achieve fortunes and make their dreams a reality.

There are many things that help motivate me in this business, but the most important one is the chance to identify potential in other people, help them build their lives, and contribute to their freedom.

Dionny Recio

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Platinum International Diamonds at Powered by Platinums!

We just returned from the amazing Powered by Platinums event in Anaheim, California. It was phenomenal to hear from several of our Platinum International Diamonds and learn from their vast knowledge and expertise. It was also wonderful to see so many of you for the first time after serving our mission in Italy. We loved having the chance to see you in person, recognize your achievements, and thank you for your dedication to 4Life. We love our distributors so much!

During the event, we announced our newest Platinum International Diamonds, Ángel Molina and Ivelisse López of Puerto Rico! How fitting that this announcement was made at an event that spotlights our Platinum International Diamonds and helps others realize that they can also reach this prestigious goal. It was like being at a conference about parenting and having the birth of a new baby occur!

We are so thrilled for Ángel and Ivelisse and congratulate them on this high achievement. They are truly an inspiration to others. Even though they have experienced the kind of discouragement that so many distributors do, they never lost sight of what was possible. They learned from leaders who went before and helped show them the way. Congratulations, Ángel and Ivelisse!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Oyunmaa Banzragch

We're so proud of our brand-new Gold International Diamond from Mongolia, Oyunmaa Banzragch. It's an exciting time to be a distributor in Eurasia, and Oyunmaa has blazed a trial for other distributors to follow. Congratulations!

I got involved with 4Life in 2007 when my mother was in need of desperate health support. Thanks to my sponsors, I was introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor®. It has provided amazing support for our family. 4Life offers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life, help people reach a new lifestyle, build a global network, and make the world a better place with like-minded people from all over the world. Because of our experiences with 4Life, our lifestyle has been greatly affected. We bought a new car and we've been able to travel a lot with our team.

I am grateful to have achieved the Gold International Diamond level. I know that I can help other people achieve it as well. Ask yourself where you are going to be in five years—who you are going to be and what you want to achieve. Grow yourself and help others to do the same. Create a strategy on how you will build your business, follow your plan, and implement it into reality every day.

The foundation of my 4Life business is teamwork—the knowledge that our team can accomplish things together. I'm motivated by the desire to introduce 4Life Transfer Factor to every family in our country. I want to see more families in Mongolia living good and healthy lives. I want to help the world become a better place through the 4Life mission of Together, Building People.

Oyunmaa Banzragch and her husband Narankhuu Rinchinsangi

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Run for Your Life

A local educator here in Utah tells a story about a time in his youth when he loved to run track. It was his dream to be a runner. He performed very well until one of his coaches belittled his ability and told him he would never be a great runner. So, he quit. He gave up his dream. Years later as a young adult, this man was doing some volunteer service work in a different country where he rode busses to get around. He was working with a young man who happened to be one of the fastest runners from his state back home. They were late for an appointment and saw the bus they needed to take, but it was quickly fading from sight.

They both started running as fast as they could. As they caught the bus, they young man realized that he had outrun the star runner next to him. The star runner said, "Wow you are fast. You should have been a runner." As the young man reflected on this, he realized that he had allowed someone else to steal his dream. He had allowed someone else to determine what he was able to achieve or not achieve. He decided he would never let that happen again.

One of the greatest things you can do is to determine for yourself how you will accomplish your dreams. The best way to do this in 4Life is to make the decision to be at the 4Life international convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 18–21, 2012. At convention, you will be surrounded by great "runners" who will encourage you to run your race to the best of your ability. Don't let anyone or anything keep you from believing in your dreams. Decide today that you'll make the commitment to be in Philadelphia with us. Watch for details on how to register for convention in the July/August issue of Summit magazine. Let's run this race together!