Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Silver Dollar Award Winners

The 2010 Silver Dollar award winners at BIG Convention 2010

One of the personal highlights of BIG Convention 2010 for me was the recognition of the Silver Dollar award winners. I get rather emotional when this award is presented because it brings back a lot of memories from my youth. As many of you know, the Silver Dollar award is based on an experience I had in high school. After looking for a way to earn some extra money, my friend and I purchased paint and number stencils and looked for neighborhoods that did not have home addresses written in very visible places. I obtained permission to paint house numbers on the curbs. After I did each individual home, I would ring the doorbell and let the homeowner know what I had done. I told the homeowner that there was no charge, but if he or she would like to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated.

I will never forget the sweet elderly woman who gave me six dollars. I still have those six dollars today. Her sweet gift symbolizes the principle that in life and in business, people appreciate when we identify a need and then take the initiative to fill that need by providing a product or service. Those silver dollars remind me that true entrepreneurs seek new and creative ways to meet people's needs, even before that need is recognized or articulated. Many people in the world don't yet know that they need 4Life Transfer Factor® products and the 4Life financial opportunity. Silver Dollar award winners seek new and creative ways to meet people's needs and help build their lives through the 4Life opportunity. They truly are Together, Building People.

Congratulations to the 2010 Silver Dollar award winners!

Aleksey Egorov

Angela Crist
Ohio, USA

Ángels Muñoz Estape

Guillermina Miramontes

Gustavo Adolfo Moreira
Costa Rica

Islian Véliz & Jaime Martínez
California, USA

Jung, Kwang Rae
South Korea

Kevin & Courtney Moore
Utah, USA

Lorena Daza Castillo & Dr. Armando Segovia

Rafael Vasconcelos & Paula Vasconcelos

Rasid Kamisan & Hasrunita

Renaldo & Lymari Sánchez
California, USA

Dr. Samuel Pahm

Mr. & Mrs. Tan Peng Teck

Yesid Franco & Blanca Murcia

Yuko Fukizawa

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BIG Convention 2010 Stories

We have been really pleased to hear some of your BIG Convention 2010 stories. We are grateful that so many distributors attended convention and we're excited to hear about the inspiration you gained that will influence your life in the weeks and months to come. Below are just two of the great stories we have received at the Home Office.

"I attended my first 4Life convention in September 2007. Then, I went to illuminate '09 in Orlando with my life Lily. We attended BIG Convention 2010 together with our two daughters. A convention has to be lived in order to understand the wonderful feelings that you experience. It was exciting to see so many people together from around the world, witness the success of distributor leaders, participate in selfless service activities, visit the 4Life Home Office, learn from Keynote Speaker Chris Gardner, and enjoy closing party performer Kelly Clarkson. This convention has motivated us to achieve the next level in our 4Life business. We have returned with even more motivation to impact the lives of others. We are thankful to have this opportunity in our lives and help others understand that they can enjoy better futures. Thanks, 4Life!"
César and Lily de Orbe García, 4Life Presidential Diamonds
México"This is the second convention I have attended, and it was amazing, beautiful, and magnificent. The word 'love' became a reality in the convention center in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's difficult to pick my favorite convention moment because the whole experience was so indescribable. Everything throughout convention helped me understand how much I want to achieve Platinum International Diamond, provide service for others, and be a force for change in society. After coming back home, many people have noticed something different about me. Attending convention has changed the direction of my business. When I speak with people now, I'm better able to help them 'wake up' to this beautiful life that I've discovered with 4Life. I don't want to ever miss another convention. Philadelphia is waiting for me!"
Francisco Lora, 4Life distributor
Dominican Republic

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Works Through Good Nutrition

Since the inception of 4Life, we have looked forward to the time when we could provide a product that would benefit the distributor who purchased it and also offer help for a worldwide humanitarian need. The recent introduction of 4Life Fortify does just that. Each 4Life Fortify meal pack provides 12–24 high-quality meals of rice, lentils, and beans, along with a nutritional complex of vitamins, minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor®.

Recently, 4Life President Steve Tew, Foundation 4Life® Director Tracie Kay, and Senior Director, International Latin America Rich Decker traveled to Tegucigalpita, a remote community in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They went to Tegucigalpita to make the inaugural donation of 4Life Fortify meal packs to hungry kids at a feeding center sponsored by Feed The Children. Feed The Children will ensure that every child who visits the feeding center receives 4Life Fortify, a tortilla, and greens—a well-balanced and nutritious meal.

Fueled by the great generosity of our 4Life family, this product is already in the hands of thousands of children who now enjoy better nutrition because of 4Life Fortify. It is truly a win-win situation. You can earn Life Points when you order the product, and Feed The Children helps deliver it to the children who need it most. Feed The Children is a U.S.-based non-profit organization that distributes food and other essentials to people in need around the world. Because of this partnership, we are able to make sure that the children who need 4Life Fortify the most can benefit as soon as possible.

Together, we truly can do things that we could never do alone. It is such a joy to be involved in making the world a better place. Thank you for continuing to inspire us with your leadership and generosity.

Click here to watch a video about the Honduras visit!

Steve Tew and Tracie Kay pose with some of the kids at the feeding center in Tegucigalpita.

A boy enjoys eating 4Life Fortify.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lessons Learned from Chris Gardner

One of the the highlights of BIG Convention 2010 was the chance to listen to and learn from Keynote Speaker Chris Gardner. Those of us who have seen the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, know how distressing it was to watch Chris and his young son go from a bad situation to a worse one, eventually becoming homeless. At one point, they had to take shelter in a restroom at night while Chris trained during the day to fulfill his dream of working in the financial industry.

It was fascinating to hear the story from Chris's perspective. In the movie, Chris Jr. is portrayed as a five-year-old boy, when in real life he was 14 months old at the time they went through these trials. That makes a big difference, doesn't it? Chris told us that the only daycare facility close by required that children be potty trained. So, Chris sat his toddler down one day to have a "little talk" about potty training.

During his presentation, it really struck us that much of Chris's focus was on his relationship with his son. As successful as he became in the world of business and finance, and as an author and motivational speaker, it was easy to see that Chris's main motivation has always been his role as a father. This role has expanded to Chris's involvement in helping children everywhere improve their life circumstances as well. Meeting Chris backstage was also a treat. He was so personable and warm. Chris was impressed with the enthusiasm of our 4Life distributors. He said that great things happen when people are that excited to learn. We truly believe that great things will happen as we take all of the great lessons we learned at BIG Convention 2010 and apply them in our lives.