Friday, May 29, 2009

Bringing Joy to La Casa Rosada

David Lisonbee, Sister Dolores Pascual, and Bianca Lisonbee

Sister Dolores and Bianca

This week we wanted to share with you a few more pictures taken during illuminate '09. One of the highlights of convention for us was the presence of Sister Dolores Pascual and some of the children from La Casa Rosada orphanage in the Dominican Republic. The two above pictures were taken the night of the Foundation 4Life® charity auction. During the evening, our Platinum and Gold International Diamond distributors were given the opportunity to bid on furnishings for the different rooms and areas of the new addition that 4Life helped build at La Casa Rosada.

It was so touching to watch the way in which our distributors opened their hearts and their wallets in bidding for these rooms. As each bidder went higher and higher, the smile on Sister Dolores' face got wider and wider. One of the great things about this event was that we were able to see and feel the results of all of your generosity. So often when we participate in fundraisers we never really get to physically witness where our money is going. That's not the case with Foundation 4Life. We think it's easy to see the joy that the Sisters and children felt as a result of the over $200,000 total donations made by 4Life distributors and Foundation 4Life. Once again, you are an inspiration to us. Thank you!

Sister Dolores and the La Casa Rosada kids enjoy festivities at illuminate '09.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Together, Building Families

This week, we had our post-convention meeting here at the 4Life home office. It was great to relate our own experiences from illuminate '09 with each other, as well as those that you, our distributors, shared with us. We estimate that close to 6000 people from 52 countries attended illuminate '09!

One of the things that touched our hearts was all of the children that were a part of convention. We were so grateful to have our own children there, plus several of the children from our La Casa Rosada family. It was wonderful to see that so many of our distributors have chosen to involve their families in their 4Life journeys. Because of the success you have achieved with 4Life, you are able to spend more time with the people you love most.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we want to share with you a few images of the great kids that joined us at illuminate '09. Enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

illuminate '09!

Words cannot accurately express our emotions after experiencing illuminate '09 last week. It was truly an amazing event in so many ways, thanks in large part to the devotion, commitment, and energy that our 4Life distributors bring with them. One child who attended with his parents even told David how excited he was to try out the new-and-improved 4Life Transfer Factor® Immune Spray. That's the spirit!

We especially enjoyed getting the chance to speak with so many of you. How we wish that we could have wrapped our arms around each and every person in attendance at illuminate '09! It was great to forge new friendships, especially with the kids who traveled to convention all the way from La Casa Rosada orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Our own children had a fun time dancing the night away with the La Casa Rosada kids at the Closing Party and it was hard for all of us to say goodbye to them.

It was so wonderful to be with everyone at illuminate '09, and we're both feeling sad that it was over so quickly. But, all of us who attended will always carry the memories from this fantastic event with us. We're already looking forward to the next convention, and we hope you are, too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New 4Life Science and RioVida Burst!

Wow! Already, illuminate '09 has been such a whirlwind of activity. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with so many of our distributors at the Opening Party and Disney World®. It's always so wonderful to renew friendships with people we haven't seen in a while, and begin relationships with new friends from all over the world.

We promised that there would be big things in store at illuminate '09 and General Session I definitely did not disappoint. We're so pleased to announce the results of our latest 4Life Transfer Factor® findings—showing that 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor® Formula increased production of IgA antibodies by an average of 73%, in 100% of all participants¹! Since IgA antibodies provide a vital barrier of protection for our bodies, these new results suggest another significant way in which 4Life Transfer Factor products can support a strong and smart immune system, and a healthy and fulfilling life.

Also during General Session I, we introduced a brand-new product, 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida® Burst. It has all the goodness (and great taste!) of 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida Tri-Factor Formula, and now it's even more convenient and portable!

We're so proud to be involved with the fine scientists in our Research and Development department, who are constantly making sure that we provide our distributors with high-quality, innovative, and effective products that are backed in solid science. We're confident that our new products and this new scientific insight will enable you to further support your health, and go further with your 4Life business.

For more information on the details of the new 4Life Transfer Factor test and all of our new products, please visit

¹Immunoglobulin A (IgA) test results obtained from an initial, open-label study on 21 reportedly healthy adults. Participants took 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula for two weeks, followed by 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida Tri-Factor Formula. One hundred percent of participants saw an increase in the production rate of salivary secretory IgA by an average of 73% after taking 4Life Transfer Factor products for four weeks when compared to a one-week baseline; a brief drop occurred at the transition between the two products.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Convention Fun!

4Life conventions incorporate a lifetime of education, training, and distributor networking into just a few short days. And, as anyone who has attended a previous 4Life convention will tell you, one of the best parts about it is the fun!

At illuminate '09, we'll have the opportunity to spend an entire day of fun together at Disney World®. We want to encourage each of you to purchase your specially-priced Disney World tickets in advance. Just follow the link from our website. Or, you may purchase your Disney tickets next Wednesday when you check in at registration.

One of the most important aspects of the fun we can experience at convention is being able to share it with our friends and family. We've been pleased to learn that so many of our distributors are making illuminate '09 a family affair, taking the opportunity to enjoy time with children, parents, and loved ones. That's what 4Life is all about—having the means to spend more quality time with the people you care about.

We'll see you next week at illuminate '09 and Disney World!