Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Your Dream Stories

Over the past several months, 4Life® representatives have been gathering dream stories on the website and during 4Life events like Great Escape+ trips. Below are just a few of the stories that we have collected. We love hearing about your dreams and how 4Life helps you accomplish them. Share your dreams with us at!

"4Life helped me discover who I am and helped me change my lifestyle. I want to carry this message of health and financial freedom to the world. God is rewarding me as I build this business with my spouse and children. I know this is the beginning and I'm willing to support the process. I want to be involved with the 4Life mission."
Patricia Mayo & Segundo Cali
International Diamonds

"4Life has helped me dream again! I want to support my health and the health of my family members and associates. I want to feel, live, and share dreams—and never lose that feeling again. I want to have financial security in my old age and go on Great Escape+ trips every now and then. I want time to live!"
Ulrike Hilpert

"When I found out about the 4Life opportunity, I was working long hours. I had my own business that was the dream of my life, but after seven years I realized that I didn't own the business. It owned me. I didn't have time to spend with my three daughters. With 4Life, I have the chance to achieve my dreams. Now, I have time for myself and my family. 4Life is a tremendous company and I am very grateful that I now have balance in my life."
Rosa Cruz
Presidential Diamond
Maryland, USA

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spotlight on Gold International Diamonds Arlette De J. Molina & Osmel Farak

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Arlette De J. Molina and Osmel Farak from Colombia! Their accomplishments with 4Life® have helped unify their family. We love seeing 4Life bring families together. Well done, Arlette and Osmel!

Prior to 4Life, I was involved in a few different companies, but nothing serious. Then my husband introduced me to the 4Life products and the opportunity. I was immediately intrigued. Thanks to the 4Life opportunity, we have been able to pay off debts, purchase new cars, send our child to a better school, and go on vacations together as a family.

We have traveled to many countries and, most importantly, we can share time with our loved ones and serve others. It is priceless to take the 4Life message to others and offer hope and freedom to them. This gives purpose to our lives. With 4Life's help, we have developed a deeper sense of philanthropy.

Dreams are the foundation of success. Dreams form the motor that help boost us to achieve what we desire. If you don't know where you want to go, you are wasting your existence, with no expectations for the future. Dreams help make us happy!

We believe that dreams are an important part of the 4Life opportunity, because they help us enjoy what we do. The expectations of what we want to achieve help us take steps that will lead us to become true 21st century entrepreneurs.

When we live our dreams, we ratify the decision we made the day we joined 4Life. Because of that choice, we can tell people today that they can trust in us and 4Life. We can do it! Dreams can become a reality!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Dream Is...

Over the past few months, we have received many dream photos from 4Life® distributors all over the world. It's been so exciting to see the dreams that you have for you and your family—the simple everyday dreams that all of us share. There's still time to submit your photos. We'll have a special dream display at Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams!
4Life distributor Gan Sui Hui from China wants to travel around the world with his son.

4Life distributor Liana Pitaluga from Florida, USA wants to leave a legacy for her grandchildren.

International Diamond Edison Claros from Florida, USA wants to help those in need.

Presidential Diamond Luis A. Ortiz from Nevada, USA wants to enjoy nature with his family.

4Life distributor Magaly Adilene Acosta Peña from Mexico wants to achieve the highest level in 4Life with her spouse by her side.

Submission details
Email a high-resolution photo* (at least 640 x 480 pixels, but larger is better) to Reference one word or one idea that completes the phrase, "My dream is ___________." This will be the caption of your photo. Please include your Distributor ID# in the body of your email.

*Please submit original photos only. No copyrighted material will be accepted. 4Life is not responsible for determining if the photos infringe on copyright laws. Participants understand that 4Life may use, promote, and represent the material for development and commercial purposes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Manuel Koh

Congratulations to Manuel Koh, the first Gold International Diamond from the Philippines! This is such an exciting achievement for Manuel, his organization, and the entire Philippines market. Thank you for all your hard work, Manuel!

I believe thoroughly in what 4Life® has to offer. This is a company that helps people achieve their dreams. The executive team and distributors alike spread a message of hope. I am grateful to be a part of the 4Life family and I'm thrilled to have achieved the Gold International Diamond rank.

I share the 4Life message with people in the Philippines, especially those who are burnt out by negative experiences with other network marketing companies. I educate them about 4Life, a good and legitimate company that can help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. By building my business, I hope to promote success and wellness in the Philippines and around the world.

A true leader mentors others, attends trainings, and treats his downline distributors with kindness, love, and care. Also, a leader makes sure his group members get all the assistance, counsel, and guidance they need.

I believe that the key ingredients for building a 4Life business are dreams, determination, a burning desire to achieve success, a positive mental attitude, and a desire to move past negative aspects of life. My dreams help motivate me to look for ways to improve my group strategies. Because of what I have accomplished, many people in my group have also become successful. And that has helped me achieve greater success.

Gold International Diamond Manuel Koh