Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Amazing Speakers at Convention 2013

In just a few short months, Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams will begin in Miami Beach, Florida. With new product announcements, recognition for your achievements, speeches from our Platinum International Diamonds, the Foundation 4Life® basketball game rematch, and much more, this year's convention is sure to be amazing!

One of our favorite aspects of every convention is listening to keynote speakers. We feel like these speakers bring a different perspective that can prove very valuable to 4Life distributors. And this year is no different. We can't wait to hear from Aron Ralston and Erik Wahl during Live Your Dreams this October!

Keynote Speaker—Aron Ralston
In 2003, Aron Ralston became trapped by a boulder in the canyons of southern Utah for more than five days. His harrowing story of adventure, survival, and hope was later made into a major motion picture—127 Hours. Come hear the first-hand account of Aron's miraculous story and be inspired to fight for your dreams.

Keynote Speaker—Erik Wahl
An internationally recognized graffiti artist, author, and entrepreneur, Erik will take audience members through an unconventional sensory experience that combines inspiring words with stunning on-stage painting. He will make you question everything you know about achieving your dreams. His speech will be unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You Ask, We Answer!

Once a month, we answer questions from you, our 4Life® distributors. Stay tuned to the 4Life Research USA Facebook page for your next chance to ask questions!

Nancy Tafoya asks, "Which products are your favorites?"

David: I have used 4Life Transfer Factor® products from the beginning and I love 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula. I have found it to be very helpful. I also really like 4Life Transfer Factor® RenewAll and I take it everywhere I go.

Bianca: It's hard for me to choose my favorite product because I have different favorites for different uses. I really love 4Life Transfer Factor® Immune Spray for immune system support on the go. It's such a great product, especially when I travel. Our grandkids love the taste of the citrus orange flavor spray and ask their parents for it. I also taking Fibro AMJ® Day-time Formula, especially after a long day spent in my garden, or after workouts or other strenuous activities. And, I couldn't live without enummi® Skin Care products to help care for my skin and try to look as young as the other products make me feel!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Nadzrul Salim & Nadirah Ahmad

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Nadzrul Salim and Nadirah Ahmad from Singapore! They understand the power of keeping dreams ever present as you work to build a successful 4Life business. They have achieved great things and we're confident that they're just getting started!

I was introduced to 4Life® in 2007 by my brother, Gold International Diamond Fadzli Salim, and my sister, International Diamond Haffi Yenti Salim. I embarked on this journey due to a lack of job opportunities after graduation. I was inspired by the success my siblings had achieved and the health support provided by 4Life Transfer Factor®.

This journey has been exciting and challenging. I worked hard early to qualify for the President's Club and I was thrilled when I achieved it. My greatest 4Life experience was addressing 8,000 people at the Success Rally during Convention 2012. It was a breathtaking moment for me.

The key to my success is the committed and dedicated leaders on my team. Over the years, our teamwork has strengthened the bond we share, and now, we are more like family members than business partners. With great teamwork, even the impossible can be accomplished. All of my success wouldn't mean anything without the support of my family members and team members.

4Life has helped me accomplish a lot of things in my life. I drive the cars I want and live the life that I want to live. I travel around the globe, thanks to 4Life. My wife and I even traveled to Europe last year. It was an unforgettable experience!

When you stay close to your dreams, you have a powerful motivator to make changes in your life. When you start to accomplish your dreams, your life takes on a joy that makes the simple sacrifices worth it. Without dreams, life would be filled with empty directives. Never be afraid to dream, and never allow anyone to take your dreams away from you. They're the stepping stones to success!

Gold International Diamonds Nadzrul Salim & Nadirah Ahmad

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamond Dr. Sani Ashari & Norazizah Ruslan

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Dr. Sani Ashari and Norazizah Ruslan from Malaysia! With his medical background, Dr. Sani has found tremendous value in 4Life products. We think that's wonderful! We are very proud of all that they have accomplished.

I was introduced to 4Life by Gold International Diamonds Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah. Being involved with network marketing enables me to serve the community and enjoy the benefits of residual income. 4Life has changed our lives entirely. We are able to work from home. We have plenty of time for our children, and we now have time as a couple to serve in the community and socialize with our friends.

As a medical doctor, I share the 4Life financial opportunity and the opportunity for health support that 4Life Transfer Factor® offers every individual. With products that cover a large range, we can offer people great support for overall health. In our 4Life business, we work to build a team of members who are health support facilitators and business builders.

Network marketing is about helping others become successful. To achieve a new rank, you must make sure your key leaders have the available knowledge in order for them to prosper. As a leader, you have the responsibility to support your downline team members. Accountability and trust are also important factors. Being a leader means you help the distributors in your organization work toward achieving their dreams.

The foundation for my business is sharing 4Life product knowledge and educating others about health issues. I truly believe that people need to love 4Life products in order to build strong businesses.

Gold International Diamonds Dr. Sani Ashari and Norazizah Ruslan

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Humbled to Represent You!

So many of you sent greetings of congratulations for my recent appointment to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Board of Directors. Thank you! In June, I attended my first board meeting and I was impressed and humbled as I learned of the many "behind the scenes" efforts made on a daily basis by people serving in the DSA.

The DSA works to educate lawmakers and citizens about the benefits of our industry and why one shouldn't dismiss network marketing companies outright as pyramid schemes or scams. I was so impressed with the CEOs and representatives from companies all over the world. I came away from the meeting prouder than ever of our great industry. I also came away with a desire to contribute in any way that I can.

I was touched by the graciousness of leaders of other companies who share things they have learned—in a spirit of generosity rather than competition. They understand that when one of us does well, it is a credit to all of us. 4Life has a very high reputation in the DSA, and many people told me that they admire our company. This gave me the chance to brag about all of you, our amazing distributors. You inspire us to reach for new heights in what we accomplish and who we strive to become. I also felt grateful to Vice President of Communications Calvin Jolley. He has done a wonderful job representing 4Life in DSA endeavors.

I look forward to representing all of you in this assignment and learning and growing in ways that will help us in our worldwide mission of Together, Building People® through science, success, and service.