Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Four Million Meals and Counting!

Since the launch of the 4Life Fortify® nutrition program, we have donated four million meals in ten countries, but there's so much more we can do together. We hope to donate five million 4Life Fortify meals by Convention 2015. With your support, we know we can reach this goal!

4Life Fortify helps support kids' overall wellness and drastically improves their academic capabilities. Every bag of 4Life Fortify changes lives—beyond just filling bellies. And, when you donate 4Life Fortify, you strengthen the life of a child, and you strengthen your business! We are so grateful for 4Life® distributors all over the world who support children in need with the same passion and commitment with which they build their businesses.

Recently, we launched the Fortify a Life marketing campaign, and even started a series of Fortify a Life challenge videos to invite distributors to donate 4Life Fortify with their monthly product orders.

Get involved today and help us donate five million meals by Convention 2015. Take the Fortify a Life challenge and get your team involved now!

Click below to watch other #fortifychallenge videos. Then, make your own!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Leo Gito Simbara Ujung & Desiree Hellene

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Leo Gito Simbara Ujung and Desiree Hellene from Indonesia! They have gained a confidence in 4Life® and they are proud to share it with others. Well done!

At the beginning, I was skeptical about network marketing. But my passion to have my own business made me dig deeper into the 4Life business opportunity. After I learned more about 4Life Transfer Factor® and the business opportunity through my upline distributors, I concluded that 4Life could help me achieve time and financial freedom.

Because of 4Life, I have time to take my daughter to and from school. I can play with her and help her with her homework. I have started to make my dreams come true. I purchased a new house, enrolled my daughter in a new school, bought a new car, and donated money to people in need.

To achieve the Gold International Diamond level, you need to focus, have strategies for short and long-term planning, apply the strength of a support system, duplicate their efforts, and uphold the value of honesty. Be positive, sincere, helpful, and work to do things in the right way.

Through this achievement, I can inspire more people to duplicate the things I have done. I can encourage them to build their businesses so that they can experience the same feeling of accomplishment. A leader is someone who helps himself and then helps other people. He must work to change the lives of the people he leads.

Gold International Diamonds Leo Gito Simbara Ujung & Desiree Hellene

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamond Choi Ki A

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamond Choi Ki A from South Korea! 4Life® growth in South Korea has exploded over the past several months, and we are thrilled about the amazing progress Mrs. Choi has made in building her business and supporting her team members. Thank you for all you have accomplished!

I first heard about 4Life products in 2010, but I didn't know much at the time. In June 2012, an acquaintance introduced me to Gold International Diamond Dr. Jase Khyeam. He told me about 4Life Transfer Factor® and I began taking it regularly.

I became interested in 4Life because of the products, but I soon realized that I could secure my financial future by working for the company. Thanks to 4Life, I was able to turn my life around. And I hope I can give the same blessings to my partners.

My biggest motivation comes from my partners. Some people desire to increase their wealth, others want to provide better for their children, and some want to stay healthy. I tell people, "If you want to have a good life, join 4Life."

A leader should help her team members. She should point others in the right direction and create an environment in which team members can freely move forward. Always stay close to your sponsors and partners. I am thankful to Gold International Diamonds Kang Ok Nye and Dr. Jase Khyeam for their help and guidance.

Have pride in what you are selling. Be sincere and truthful when you tell people about 4Life. Don't see someone as a commodity, but as someone you dearly wish to help.

Gold International Diamond Choi Ki A