Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You!

We want to tell all of you how thankful we are for you and all that you do. We love the tradition in the United States of setting aside a special day to give thanks. This year, that day is Thursday, November 25. We think it's interesting that the word for "thanks" in Italian is "grazie," which comes from the word "grace." To be in a state of grace is to be in a sacred or holy state. When our hearts are full of gratitude, we truly are in a blessed condition.

We'd like to take this time to tell each of you how grateful we are for 4Life. From the very beginning, we have felt like this has been a blessed endeavor. We feel blessed to have 4Life Transfer Factor® products. We feel blessed to have experienced such great success, especially now when so many companies are struggling. We feel blessed to have the most dedicated and talented management team in the industry. And, we feel so blessed to have the greatest group of enthusiastic, dedicated, and generous distributors in the world. Together, we are truly building people. Thank you for making this dream possible for us.

Grazie (Italian), Gracias (Spanish), Danke schön (German), Arigato Gozaimasu (Japanese), Spasibo (Russian), or in whatever language you choose to say it, the words "thank you" are two of the most important words in any language.

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Build Things that Last

Milan Cathedral

This is a picture we recently took of the Milan Cathedral called the Duomo. It is very impressive. It took 400 years to build and has 135 spires, 150 gargoyles, 1100 internal statues, and 2300 external statues. Seeing the Duomo is a reminder to us that some things are truly built to last. Most of us live in a world of "instant" everything—instant breakfast, instant pudding, and instant gratification. Can you imagine working on something for many years and then never seeing the finished outcome?

In business and in our personal lives, we have found that it is worth taking the time to build things that will last. Often, this means that you need to take fewer shortcuts. Sometimes, merely taking 15 more minutes a day to do follow-up phone calls can make the difference. Or, perhaps you could hold one more meeting a month to help make sure your leaders put into place the right foundations for their organizations. An observant teacher once said that the difference between a C grade and an A grade is usually only 15 extra minutes of study time a day. We challenge you to evaluate your 4Life business. Are you building instant organizations and looking for instant success? Or, are you taking the time to build something that will last? Take that extra 15 minutes every day to build better relationships, a stronger family, and a more fulfilling life.

Stained glass window in the Milan Cathedral

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Edgar Rentería Scores with 4Life

Several years ago, International Diamonds Joel and Jennifer Martínez introduced the 4Life opportunity to future Presidential Diamonds José Sánchez. José, in turn, decided to share 4Life with his good friend Edgar Rentería—shortstop for the San Francisco Giants, five-time All Star winner, and two-time Gold Glove recipient. Edgar and José met many years ago in Florida when they were both pursuing professional baseball careers. Throughout the years, they kept in touch. When José became a 4Life distributor, he wanted to share it with his friend Edgar. José showed Edgar the Success from Home magazine and talked about the freedom that he could find with the 4Life products and opportunity. Edgar was interested and signed up right away.

Over the past few years, Edgar has shared the 4Life products and opportunity with many people, including his mother who lives in Colombia and his Giants team members. In fact, Edgar believes so much in the power of 4Life products that he chose to become an athletic endorser on Team 4Life®. Last week, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Edgar batted an astounding .412, with two home runs and six runs batted in during the series. He even secured the World Series with a three-run homer in the seventh inning of Game 5. Edgar was named the World Series Most Valuable Player after the game was completed.

What a wonderful series of events that all started because a few caring and motivated distributors shared the 4Life opportunity with others!

Edgar Rentería's recent success in the World Series is also a great reminder of the caliber of people who are attracted to 4Life products—people who recognize the great support our products can provide. While 4Life Transfer Factor® products won't necessarily make you a better baseball player, Edgar recognizes, as we all do, that 4Life products can support your health and help you feel and do your best. We are so happy for Edgar and we're proud that he is one of our Team 4Life members. Congratulations, Edgar! Congratulations as well to José Sánchez and Joel and Jennifer Martínez! And, congratulations to all 4Life distributors!

Edgar Rentería with 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee and 4Life President Steve Tew

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

May We Have Your Attention, Please?

Did you know that about 40,000 books are published each year? It would take around 20 years—reading 24 hours a day—to read all of them! A really interesting book in our library is called Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout. It has some fascinating statistics about the constant stream of information that battles for our attention. Books, magazines, TV, Internet (yes, even reading this blog adds to all that competes for your attention), and cell phones that do much more than allow two people to talk to each other—there truly is, as Ries and Trout write, a "traffic jam on the turnpikes of our mind."

So, how do you ever manage to get anyone's attention long enough to share the truly valuable 4Life message? The book suggests that people will remember what you have to offer if you keep your message simple and if you are the first and best at what you have to offer. We believe that 4Life succeeds at getting and keeping people's attention all over the world because we qualify in those area the authors suggest.

We have a simple message: we truly believe that we have the best immune system-supporting products on the planet and the best opportunity to achieve financial independence. We were the first company to bring the science of Transferceutical products to the world. We are the Transfer Factor Company. And, we are the best at using our science, success, and service to build people.

So there you have it. Have a simple message, be the first in line, and be the best at what you do.

Now that is something worth remembering.

Ries, Al and Trout, Jack. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. The McGraw Hill Companies, New York: 2001.