Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rise Above!

Recently, we were on an airplane. Before we took off, the airline showed a short video that highlighted the ways in which their company always strives to improve. A statement during the video really made an impression on us. "The thing you push against is the thing that lifts you up." It showed a plane as it raced down the runway and became airborne. We thought about the truth of this statement. Just as an airplane obtains the thrust it needs to become airborne by pushing against the force of the oncoming air, we can also ascend with strength and determination as we face opposition.

There are always things in our lives that provide an opposing force for us to push against. There will always be obstacles in anything good that we try to accomplish. With the recent tragedies in Japan, we have no doubt that the great Japanese people will rise to even greater heights as they face their challenges with courage and faith.

At 4Life, we are all in this together. We all have the opportunity to rise above the daily forces that push against us. Let's remember that it is those very forces that can be the means for us to achieve greatness.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Want Your Together, Building People Stories!

As we travel to different cities around the world and meet with amazing 4Life distributors, we love to hear about the ways in which you have embraced the company philosophy of Together, Building People through science, success, and service.

4Life distributors truly embody this company's mission. You're honest, courageous, and caring. You exude a positive energy that's contagious to others around you. You want more out of life and you're not afraid to take risks in order to make your dreams come true. And you're just as passionate when it comes to helping others fulfill their deepest wishes.

Please send us your Together, Building People stories! You can submit your own story, or the experience of someone in your 4Life organization.

Here are some details you can include:

~How have you personally been affected by the 4Life mission of Together, Building People?
~What have you done to build others through the science of the 4Life products?
~How have you helped change people's lives through the success of the Life Rewards Plan?
~What have you done to provide meaningful service for others?
~How have you worked to create a sense of camaraderie within your 4Life organization?

Email all stories to, with "Together, Building People" in the subject line.

Please include the following information with your story:
Name, rank, and distributor ID# of person in the story (Please include your name, rank, and distributor ID# as well as if you're submitting someone else's story)
A photo of the person(s) in the story

After you submit your story, stay tuned to see if it appears on the 4Life Research Facebook page. We will publish as many edifying stories as we can on Facebook. Plus, we're also excited to post several of them here on the blog!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Aleksey Egorov

We are so proud of the success achieved by Gold International Diamond Aleksey Egorov. His hard work, combined with his expertise in health and wellness, have helped him influence the lives of many people in Russia and around the world. Congratulations, Aleksey!

In 2002, I got involved with my first network marketing company. I received great business training, recognition, and income. But, I started to look for another company in which I could fulfill my dreams, put together a big organization, and build an honest business for myself and my partners. I had heard of 4Life and 4Life Transfer Factor® products, but it wasn't until International Diamond Liya Alekseeva introduced me to the products and I witnessed amazing results with them that I really became interested.

As a medical doctor, I am very interested in the role that preventive medicine can play in supporting the health of the body. I believe it's not enough to just manufacture a good product. It's vital to inform consumers about the benefits of that product. I think that network marketing is the most effective model to promote wellness products because information can be shared with hundreds of thousands of people.

About a year after I joined 4Life, I met several members of the 4Life executive team and the Health Sciences Advisory Board. Speaking with them was pivotal in my 4Life experience. After that meeting, I dedicated all of my efforts to building my 4Life business. I worked hard and traveled a lot. I set out to achieve the Gold International Diamond level in two and a half to three years and I was able to accomplish that goal.

I have risen to high peaks with my 4Life business, but this is not the highest peak that I can conquer. I have laid a path for my followers so that it will be easier for them to achieve the same heights. I am grateful to my spouse and my team for helping me achieve my goals.

Aleksey Egorov

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coming Home

We all need to have a place to come home to, don't we? Is there anything sweeter in life than to return to loved ones after a time of absence? We had a chance to be welcomed back to the 4Life Home Office after spending 18 months in Italy serving a mission for our church. We were greeted at the office with the special red carpet treatment that some of you, our distributors, have experienced. It was wonderful! We really felt like we had returned to a family—our 4Life family. Not only were we greeted with warmth and appreciation, but we were excited to see how great the office looked. It was even better than when we left!

The future of 4Life has never been brighter. It is so exciting for us to be back into the everyday details of Together, Building People. So many wonderful things are happening around the world with 4Life. Isn't it interesting how we can sometimes gain a new perspective after being away? We have returned with an even greater enthusiasm and vision for the journey ahead for 4Life and our distributors. We thank you all for making the dream of serving a church mission possible for us. It was an experience we will always cherish. And we are also dedicated to the 4Life mission of Together, Building People. In many ways, we feel like we have only just begun.

It truly is great to come home. There are so many people out there who have yet to find their home. They need to be part of our wonderful 4Life family. Grazie!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Son Jae Min

As one of our pioneer distributors in South Korea, Son Jae Min has worked tirelessly over the past several years to build his business and support his downline all over Asia. Thank you for your hard work, Son Jae Min!

I was introduced to 4Life by Platinum International Diamonds Jeff Altgilbers and Dave Daughtrey. I was involved with a different company at the time, but I was impressed to learn about products based on science that could help support the immune system. It's fantastic that 4Life can lead the market with such cutting-edge products.

To achieve success in network marketing, you must be involved with a company that has good products, good marketing, reliable corporate executives and customer service, and a good partnership with distributors. 4Life is the company that has all of them.

I travel up to four days a week to support and educate my local downline members. I also provide training with Internet webcasts and hold face-to-face meetings with my team members. One of the great advantages of network marketing is that even though your business starts out as a small plant, one day it can grow into a big tree. How? The answer lies in duplication.

Anyone who works hard can become a Gold International Diamond. I want to help other distributors this rank, which will in turn help me achieve Platinum International Diamond. This kind of mutual assistance is key to succeeding with 4Life. I feel great pleasure and pride in knowing that I am helping people support their health and happiness. Of course, I am also happy to witness the health support experienced by my family because of 4Life products.

I have a dream to expand my 4Life business to all of Asia. I want to continue building my business until people throughout Asia know about 4Life Transfer Factor® products and the 4Life financial opportunity.
Son Jae Min