Friday, April 30, 2010

Dedication in the Face of Adversity

We never cease to be inspired by you, our incredible distributors. Some of you may know that Gold International Diamond Eiichi Uemura from Japan has been going through some serious health challenges. He suffered a stroke some time ago, and has been hospitalized ever since. As you can imagine, it has been a very difficult time for his family, and especially his wife, Keiko. We were both so impressed with the fact that Keiko and their daughter Manami are building Eiichi's 4Life business while he is unable to do so. We were also especially touched by their desire to still attend the upcoming BIG Convention 2010 in September of this year.

Keiko made this comment to us: "Our family believes that showing affirmation in action is important. Many people know in their minds that something is good to do, or they have a belief of what they think is ideal, but we think it's just as important to act on your beliefs and share them with others." Keiko and Manami feel that by going to convention, they are showing the strength of their family's commitment to 4Life. They truly want to honor Eiichi in this manner.

This is another example to us that truly successful people don't look for excuses as to why they can't do something. Instead, they find ways to accomplish tasks, in spite of the challenges and obstacles in their way. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Uemura family and we commend them for their dedication, courage, and faith.

Keiko and Eiichi Uemura

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring All Year Long

In Italy, as in much of the world, spring is finally here. We love the feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation that always seems to come this time of year. No matter how long and cold winter has been, spring brings new life and hope for the future.

Spring is definitely in the air at 4Life. Although many people around the world are still facing challenges as a result of the global recession, more and more people are realizing that as they help others discover the advantages of the 4Life products and opportunity, they can, in turn, improve their own financial situation.

We have been very pleased with the success of the 90 Days of Power challenge that was introduced at the end of 2009. March 2010 sales in the United States were up 40% over March 2009. Many of our global markets experienced a similar increase, with worldwide sales up 45% over the same month in 2009. This amazing growth doesn't have to end! The great thing about the 90 Days of Power challenge is that anyone can do it... anytime! Please encourage the distributors in your group to begin their own 90 Days of Power right now. It's a great way to shake off any discouragement and make a big jump in organizational growth. Let's continue the growth and rejuvenation of spring all year long.

Click here for all the details about the 90 Days of Power challenge!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dream Story: New Gold International Diamonds Ileana and Hugo Johnson

We had the opportunity to meet the Johnsons at a 4Life meeting in Puerto Rico a few years ago. We were so impressed with their leadership as distributors and principles as individuals. They have a beautiful family and it was wonderful to see how well they work together. We have no doubt that they have many years of continued success ahead of them. We are so happy about their latest achievement, although it's not surprising!

We were introduced to 4Life several years ago by Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado. We felt like what he was sharing with us was too good to be true, so we didn't give the opportunity the attention it deserved. We joined 4Life, but didn't commit ourselves to it. Two years later, we got a call from Gold International Diamond Angel Molina Gali. He told us about the 4Life opportunity and introduced us to Gold International Diamond Lily Sanchez, who's now our upline. We truly got a second chance to understand the greatness of the 4Life opportunity.

4Life has completely changed our lives. Through it, we have found a purpose for our lives and have helped make a difference in other people's lives. Many people go through life only hoping to find a company like 4Life that will allow them to achieve all of their dreams. We're so pleased that we've reached the level of Gold International Diamond. We have tremendous leaders in our organization—a group of dreamers who are committed to themselves and the future of their families. With such a great level of leadership, we felt it was only a matter of time before we would achieve success.

Our strategy in sharing the 4Life message ties closely to our fervent desire to serve and value others. We believe strongly in the power of human transformation and in helping others discover their true potential. The foundation of our business lies in furthering the personal growth of each leader in our organization. We believe that patience and perseverance are important, along with understanding that the most important process in this business is developing the faith to believe in yourself. And then, you focus on helping others.

Ileana and Hugo Johnson
California, USA

Friday, April 9, 2010

Achieving Success Is a Process

Here is another great dream story. We love reading these, so keep sending them to us!

I tried for many years to build my organization but had very little results. Approximately ten months ago, I allowed myself to be guided by an incredible person. Gold International Diamond José Martín Rosado helped me find my special gifts that God has given to every single human being. I learned to teach others how to fish instead of giving them a fish. Most importantly, I learned to dream again and to never stop fighting for my dreams.

I learned to connect myself 150% to my team's educational system, apply it every day, and teach others to do the same. I've learned that achieving success is a process that we must go through and continue to go through in order to make those dreams come true. I am so grateful that I have learned so much—not only for myself but to be able to teach other people as well. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel for me and my family, especially after losing practically everything we had.

With the help of 4Life, I've been able to quit one of my part-time jobs; soon, I hope to dedicate 150% of myself to my 4Life business. We have millions of people around the world that need 4Life and I know we can reach them one by one and make a difference in this world. 4Life has been a blessing for our family and I thank God we are involved with this opportunity!

Frances Stapleton, Presidential Diamond
Florida, USA

Frances Stapleton and her family

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Platinum Dream Stories: Dr. Herminio Nevárez and Yadira Olivo

Herminio and Yadira are the kind of leaders that legends are made of in this industry. They have taken the Together, Building People mission all over the world. Their vision and leadership are helping people change their lives for the better through the use of the 4Life products and opportunity. They understand that their success comes from helping others to succeed, and they care about each person individually.

Ten years ago, we began our journey with the 4Life opportunity. The time has gone by very quickly and it seems like it was just yesterday. Once we tried the products and experienced results, we realized that this was something big. We recognized the importance of the products and the commitment of the founders. We could see that this company would last. At that moment, we understood that we could trust in 4Life.

It's wonderful to see that as you reach your personal goals with 4Life, you are also helping other people do the same. This demonstrates that if you can do it, others can as well. When we reached the rank of Platinum International Diamond, we felt a great sense of satisfaction because we proved that anyone who dedicates themselves can also do it. That's the magic of this business. You can help change the lives of many people, in terms of their health and financial stability, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Now, our family is closer than ever. We help and encourage one another, and that is priceless. That's really the basis of true happiness and only through 4Life could we have accomplished this. With love and commitment, we have developed an international business based on principles and values that transcend boundaries set by man. We feel this is the secret to our success.

4Life has continued to reaffirm its commitment to the people who have placed their hopes and dreams in this opportunity, which motivates us to feel secure when we present it to people. We love knowing that there are many people who have benefited from 4Life and its products. We believe firmly in 4Life and we are dedicated both body and spirit to this opportunity. The greatest satisfaction that we have had is to play a small part in changing the lives of others and 4Life has been our vehicle for doing it.