Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamond Shawn Alford

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamond Shawn Alford of California, USA! We have known Shawn for a long time and we're grateful for his ongoing commitment to 4Life® products and the business opportunity. Well done, Shawn!

I entered the network marketing industry because I was unemployed and needed a solid income stream. Through building a 4Life business, I have the opportunity now to travel, drive cars that I love, and support 4Life service endeavors.

I am motivated to build my 4Life business by two factors. First, I like having the opportunity to educate people on the life-changing aspects of 4Life products and help them understand that the Life Rewards Plan can help everyone achieve financial independence. Second, I'm motivated by the chance to achieve the retirement income that I want to enjoy in the future.

I share 4Life in everyday conversations with people. I never go out without a business card and a packet of Energy Go Stix® or 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix® Tri-Factor® Formula to share with people. When people ask me what I do, I proudly tell them about 4Life and offer them a product sample.

The key ingredients to building my 4Life business are: helping people with passion, fully embracing the 4Life products and opportunity, and spending time on activities that can be duplicated by my downline members.

I believe that it's important to listen to my leaders and understand what motivates them. I recognize that it's not about me. It's about helping them achieve their dreams and goals. Serving others is the foundation of my 4Life business.

Gold International Diamond Shawn Alford

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Joel Rivera and Jennifer Martínez

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Joel Rivera and Jennifer Martínez from Florida, USA! From the very beginning of their 4Life® journey, Joel and Jennifer have made their marriage and their family a top priority. We love that!

Before 4Life, we worked between eight and ten hours every day. We really didn't have the time or money to enjoy ourselves. We only had one car and I had to pick up my wife every day after work. When we finally got a second car, it was always broken. We had a lot of debt so we ended up declaring bankruptcy.

We decided to enter into this industry because we were looking for a way to achieve a better lifestyle. Thanks to 4Life, our family life has improved significantly. Before, we didn't even have the time for breakfast together because we were always busy. Life was an endless routine. Now, we can be full-time parents. We have taken the 4Life message to several cities around the United States. And, we've taken our kids with us on our trips.

Because of 4Life, we have the time to sit down, share a meal together, and enjoy life. We no longer have to worry about getting up in the morning to go to work, because we own our time. Thanks to God and 4Life, we can help other people achieve their dreams as well. In our home, we have an entire wall that displays our dreams... and most of them have already come true!

Our Gold International Diamond achievement represents an even greater commitment to our team. It means more dedication to building our businesses, so that our leaders can achieve the lifestyle that we have now. It also means we can give the best to our family and make our own parents' dreams come true.

Gold International Diamonds Joel Rivera and Jennifer Martínez

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your Dreams Are Endless This October

Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams was such a phenomenal event. This October, 4Life® family members throughout Asia will have the opportunity to experience the excitement and passion of a 4Life convention. Since recent growth in Asia is some of the fastest in the world, it's time for 4Life executives to take the 4Life convention on the road—right to the distributors who are making it happen!

Live Your Dreams 4Life Asia Convention 2014 will include all of your favorite elements from past conventions: inspiring speeches by executives from 4Life Global Headquarters, motivation and training from Platinum International Diamonds, new product announcements for that region of the world, and recognition for distributor achievements.

Plus, attendees will be privileged to hear from Keynote Speaker Kyle Maynard. Despite being born with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near the knees, Kyle has never let physical limitations stop him from achieving his dreams and potential. Kyle uses his "No Excuses" theme to help people advance on their path toward reaching their highest human potential.

Your dreams are endless. It's time to make them real with 4Life this October!

Live Your Dreams
4Life Asia Convention 2014
October 10–11, 2014
Sunway Pyramid Convention Center
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Registration for this event opens May 15. Click here to make your plans to attend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fortify a Life™!

From the beginning days of 4Life®, service has played a crucial role in our company philosophy. It's especially important to both of us. And, as we've spoken with 4Life distributors over the years, we know that you feel the same way. Just like us, you want to help make a difference in the lives of people in need.

4Life Fortify® was designed to fight malnutrition with a full array of vitamins and minerals. And, we added 4Life Transfer Factor® to strengthen a child's immune system in the best way possible. Plus, we made certain to give distributors a way to help children in need, while continuing to build successful 4Life businesses.

When you fortify a life, you give hope... to kids, mothers, fathers, and entire families.

We've had the distinct privilege to be present when many children have had their first taste of 4Life Fortify. The reaction is amazing! Their eyes light up and they begin to smile. With a warm meal in their bellies, kids have the energy to go to school, play with their friends, and just be kids.

And, 4Life Fortify means even more to the parents of these children. Parents don't have to worry where the next meal is going to come from. And that means that they can send their kids to school... and not to the streets to earn a meager wage.

Since the launch of 4Life Fortify, we have donated over 3.5 million meals in ten countries. You helped make that possible! Because of you, thousands of children around the world enjoy a warm, nutritious meal when they might have had nothing at all to eat. Together, we have accomplished so much, but we know that we have the potential to do even more. In celebration of the five-year anniversary of this incredible nutrition program, we want to donate five million 4Life Fortify meals by our international convention in April 2015.

Bringing a smile to the face of a child and giving her hope. For us, that's what it means to fortify a life. What does it mean to you?

Please join with us to fortify a life and give hope. Please donate a bag of 4Life Fortify with your monthly product order.

Click here to read more about 4Life Fortify projects all over the globe.