Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Living with a Grateful Heart

Last week, we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It's always a wonderful chance to gather with family and friends and think about the things and people for which we are most grateful.

Gratitude engenders humility, and humility brings about gratitude. Living in a state of gratitude can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. When you try to be thankful, it becomes easier to see challenges as valuable life experiences that help you grow stronger.

Recently, we participated in an exercise in which we were asked to think of a person who had blessed us in a time of need. We then wrote a note of thanks to that person, expressing our gratitude for what he or she did. We invite each of you to try this exercise!

When you count your blessings, it can help you recognize all the people who have blessed your life by their examples. We count you, our wonderful 4Life family members, as some of our greatest blessings. Thank you for all of your love, support, and commitment to the mission of 4Life!

We are grateful for you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4Life Events in Malaysia and South Korea

Recently, we attended two great 4Life meetings in Malaysia and South Korea. It was wonderful to feel the momentum and energy of our distributors and recognize them for their significant achievements in building their businesses and supporting their team members.

Attended by more than 2,500 people, we were joined at the LEAP Malaysia/Singapore convention in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia by several 4Life executives, Platinum International Diamonds Sadik Din and Hasnimah, and seven Gold International Diamonds. During the event, we recognized many distributors for rank achievements, including Gold International Diamonds Dr. Eduard Hutabarat and Katharina Sihombing, 15 new International Diamonds, 80 Presidential Diamonds, and 250 Diamonds. Plus, the new packaging for enummi® Skin Care products and enummi® Life C Energizing Serum were launched. We also continued our service commitment to PERNIM orphanage with a donation check of RM 10,000.

At the Yangjae-El-Tower in Seoul, South Korea, we gathered with more than 500 attendees to celebrate the success of our Korean market. We were joined by 4Life executives and Gold International Diamonds Dr. Jase Khyeam and Mr. Son  Jae Min. The event focused on 4Life science, success, and service, and we launched the new enummi packaging and new enummi product. One of the highlights was a performance by a children's choir, including a solo sung by a talented young girl. Their voices touched all of our hearts.

As always, the best part of both meetings was listening to great success stories by our dynamic 4Life leaders. We are so thankful for opportunities to meet with you and express our gratitude for everything you've achieved.

4Life executives and distributor leaders cut the anniversary cake at the LEAP event.

The crowd at the anniversary event in Malaysia

 David and Bianca Lisonbee pose for a photo with the 4Life Korea staff.

 A children's choir wows the crowd at the Korea event.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Very Special Visitors at the 4Life Home Office

 Platinum International Diamonds Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers arrive at the Home Office with their son Arthur.

Last week, Platinum International Diamonds Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers visited the 4Life Home Office with their son Arthur. It's always fun to welcome special guests on our very own red carpet. During a 4Life staff luncheon, Jeff told his 4Life story and shared how 4Life has blessed his life. We've known Jeff for several years and it's been great to watch him grow and develop, in both his 4Life business and his personal life. Jeff met his lovely wife Michelle while building his 4Life business in Asia and he refers to their three year-old son Arthur as their 4Life baby. Arthur loves to drink 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula, which was evidenced by the tight hold he had on a bottle of RioVida during their visit. Jeff is another great example of Together, Building People and together, building families with 4Life. Thank you for sharing your success story, Jeff and Michelle!

As a special treat during the luncheon, we were privileged to hear from International Diamond and Health Sciences Advisory Board Member Duane Townsend, MD. Dr. Townsend shared his belief that 4Life will be around for a long time because of the solid science of our products and the solid leadership of the executive team. Dr. Townsend also spoke about the benefits of 4Life products such as 4Life Transfer Factor® Belle Vie®. As a gynecologic oncologist, it's one of his favorite products. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Dr. Townsend!

International Diamonds Dr. Duane and Joan Townsend

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Convention 2012 Keynote Speaker

We are so pleased to announce the keynote speaker for Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom—J.R. Martinez!

In 2003, J.R. Martinez was severely burned after a Humvee explosion during a military deployment in Iraq. During his time in recovery, J.R. began sharing his story and learning from others' experiences. Since then, J.R. has become a highly sought-after motivational speaker, traveling the country to spread his message of resilience and optimism. Also, J.R. played combat veteran Brot Monroe on ABC's daytime drama, "All My Children" for close to three years.

J.R. Martinez went through a harrowing and life-changing event, but he refused to let it define his outlook on life and his future. Rather, he learned from his adversity and used that knowledge to help others rise above their own life challenges. J.R. says that he's grateful for what happened to him because it paved the way for his life today.

Recently, we mentioned to some family members that J.R. Martinez was going to speak at 4Life's upcoming convention. We were surprised to see that they were really excited! One female family member confessed to having a crush on J.R. since she first saw him perform on "Dancing with the Stars." Another said that she was really impressed when she read his story in the November 7 issue of People magazine. We're pleased that our family members are excited about this convention keynote speaker announcement. And, we're confident that you, our 4Life family members, will also be equally thrilled to hear J.R. Martinez tell his story of triumph over great adversity.

We think our theme of "Passport to Freedom" fits in perfectly with J.R.'s message of finding hope, overcoming trials, and achieving dreams. J.R. says that he went from fighting for his own life to helping inspire others to fight for their own. Don't miss his keynote address and be inspired to fight for your freedom!

Visit to read more about J.R.

J.R. Martinez

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Team 4Life Member Brady Stewart Breaks a Record

Team 4Life member Brady Stewart

A few weeks ago, we were privileged to watch Team 4Life member Brady Stewart earn the gold medal and set a new record at the sixth annual IPF/NAPF North American Regional Bench Press Championships in Miami, Florida. Stewart competed in the 120 kilo/264 pound weight class with a lift of 300 kilos or 661 pounds. As the youngest member of Team 4Life, 28-year-old Brady Stewart comes from a small town in southern Illinois, but he has always had big-time athletic goals.

Brady says that power lifting has been a great blessing in his life. "I've met some of the best people and I've made lifelong friends," he said. "We support each other and we enjoy watching each other succeed and move forward. I get to compete doing something that I love and share it with my friends and family."

Brady discovered 4Life Transfer Factor® while doing research to help a close family member who needed health support. When he learned more about the product line and the company, Brady knew he wanted to be a part of Team 4Life. "I believe in 4Life products. 4Life Transfer Factor is backed in results," Brady remarked. "I feel incredible taking 4Life supplements. They give me nutritional support, plus confidence that I am working with the best products. As an athlete, I am constantly trying to move forward, never satisfied with my current state of strength and conditioning. 4Life has brought a new dimension to my nutrition plan. I feel great, strong, and ready to shatter more records."

Click the link below to watch Brady compete:

 Brady Stewart with 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee and President Steve Tew at the 2011 IPF/NAPF championships