Friday, August 28, 2009

4Life is perfect for people of all ages!

Ken Williams, David Lisonbee, and Bianca Lisonbee

The above picture shows us with 4Life Diamond Ken Williams at our illuminate '09 convention. He is 92 years old and lives on the island of Barbados. As far as we know, Ken is 4Life's oldest Diamond distributor. He is also the author of an historical novel called The Passage to Eden.

It's wonderful to be reminded that it is never too late to seek support for our immune systems with 4Life Transfer Factor® products and take advantage of the 4Life opportunity for success. 4Life also attracts both the young at heart and the young in years. Pictured below is Fadzli Salim of Singapore. At 30 years old, he is Asia's youngest Gold International Diamond. Amazing!

We're so pleased that people of all ages and in so many countries have recognized that 4Life can help them live better lives. We are building people all over the world—together!

Mr. and Mrs. Fadzli Salim

Friday, August 21, 2009

Best month ever!

Greetings from Italy! We are getting settled into our apartment in Milan, and beginning to work with the young people here. We continue to keep in touch with the 4Life home office on a daily basis.

We are proud to announce that July 2009 was the best sales month ever in the history of 4Life! July is usually one of the slower months of the year due to vacation season, but not so for 4Life. Several of our Asian markets posted record sales as well, which is exceptional. More than ever, people want to support their health and increase their income in these uncertain times, and 4Life provides the perfect vehicle to do both.

We also want to congratulate our distributors on another milestone: 4Life is featured in the 2009 Direct Selling News comprehensive list of 65 direct selling companies with global corporate wholesale revenue of more than $100 million per year. It's important to note that 4Life reached the $100 million per year milestone years ago—and we're still growing by leaps and bounds! The article states, "4Life is the creator of Transferceutical Science and world leader in the distribution of transfer factor products. Currently, the 4Life International Product Registration Department is working on 91 product registrations in 25 countries."

Congratulations on this phenomenal recognition and for our best month ever! We know that with your help, 4Life will continue to excel.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Foundation 4Life sponsors a family!

4Life President Steve Tew recently returned from visiting our office in India and he gave us a report on some of the work Foundation 4Life® is doing there. Foundation 4Life sponsors a Children's Villages home in Vottinagulapally Village, Rajender Nager Mandal, Hyderabad, India. SOS Children's Villages is a worldwide organization that provides loving homes to children in need. The India branch cares for over 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children.

The truly wonderful thing about SOS Children's Villages is their unique approach. Recognizing that children thrive best in a family environment, every child is placed in a new "family" with other people who have come from similar circumstances. Foundation 4Life sponsors a specific home in the Hyderabad village that houses 12 children, plus a "mother" who takes care of them. The house mother guides the children in their studies and helps them in their overall development. She also encourages the children to participate in village activities.

Steve shared with us how the poverty and struggle to meet basic needs on the streets in India sharply contrasted with the very nice family environment within the village itself. The village is well-maintained, the kids have nice clothing, and most importantly, they function much in the same way that a "normal" family would. One story that really stood out to Steve was a baby who had only been there for a few weeks. She had been rescued from a trash can and brought to the village. What a dramatic change—going from basically being treated like a piece of trash to having a home with a loving and caring family.

There is truly life-changing work being done in India, and we're thankful that we can be a part of it through Foundation 4Life. Not all our stories are this dramatic, but they are just as meaningful. Every day we hear about lives being changed for the better through the use of our products and the financial opportunity we offer. Together, we are doing things we could never do alone!

Steve Tew and 4Life India General Manager Manoj Shirodkar celebrate the new partnership with SOS Children's Villages.

The new Foundation 4Life plaque at SOS Children's Villages in Hyderabad, India

Friday, August 7, 2009

What's your dream?

A few weeks ago, we told you about a special dream of Health Sciences Advisory Board Member and Gold International Diamond Dr. Rob Robertson. He has been able to achieve his dream of writing a book about a football team's rise to success. And now, that story will air as a documentary on television this September. We also recently visited the dream home of Health Sciences Advisory Board Member and International Diamond Dr. Duane Townsend and his lovely wife, Joan. It was so wonderful to hear Dr. Townsend say that their home is the product of all they have accomplished with 4Life. Aren't dreams really the best product we offer at 4Life®?

We want to know about your dream and how you have achieved it with the help of 4Life®. Please send us your story so we can share it with everyone through our blog.

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