Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Christmas market in Verona, Italy

Happy holidays! We love celebrating this time of year in Italy. We especially enjoy attending the Christmas markets that take place in the open squares of Italian cities. Vendors sell special cheeses, breads, pastries, traditional Panettone and Paneforte cakes, wood-carved nativities, and even scarves and hats.

On January 6, Italians celebrate Epiphany, when the three kings came to give gifts to Jesus. Legend says that Befana was an old woman who was invited to follow the kings, but was too busy to go. Later, she regretted her choice and tried to find them. Befana spends her life seeking out all little children and filling their stockings with little candies.

The holiday season is also wonderful time to reach out in service to others. This was an incredible year for Foundation 4Life® projects. Below are just a few of the many ways in which you've been able to make a big difference:

—Since introducing 4Life Fortify, we have already provided over one million meals to hungry children around the world. Thank you! Please help us reach our next one million meals. Plus, starting in early 2011, you can read all about our worldwide donations on
—We began a relationship with the Children of the Andes Foundation, an organization for kids living on the streets of Colombia. Foundation 4Life funded the renovation of a home for siblings. An additional donation of $45,000 from November will help the organization purchase furnishings, school supplies, playground equipment, and other items.
—The Home Office employees are participating in a food drive for our local food pantry during the holiday season, and employees will volunteer at the Utah Food Bank in January 2011. Also, we will donate physical education equipment to an elementary school in our community for underprivileged children and school uniforms for children in Honduras who were recipients of 4Life Fortify in July 2010.

We appreciate everything you do to share the 4Life products and opportunity with others. We hope your holiday season has been wonderful!

Thank you for the service you provide for children all over the world!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4Life President Steve Tew Appears on the TODAY Show

TODAY show host Janice Huff with 4Life President Steve Tew and his wife Sherma

In 2007, we had the opportunity to travel to New York City to represent Foundation 4Life® and 4Life distributors on the TODAY show. Bianca appeared on-air to donate more than 600 blankets and pillows and 4000 bottles of enummi® Intensive Body Lotion to the TODAY show holiday toy drive. It was so exciting to be invited by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) to make this presentation.

This holiday season, it was a great honor for 4Life to again appear on the TODAY show. Once again, it is because of the culture of caring and generosity that exists in the hearts of our wonderful distributors. This past Sunday, 4Life President Steve Tew and his wife Sherma represented the company and our distributors with a donation to the drive of more than $120,000 in school supplies and Life C®, 4Life's seven-sourced vitamin C product. The donation consisted of more than 1,000 backpacks. Each pack included a water bottle, one bottle of Life C, colored pencils, crayons, a dual sharpener, and a pad of paper.

We know that our company could not have been better represented than with Steve and Sherma. We watched it all the way over here in Italy and they both did great!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Secret to a Longer Life

What is the secret to a longer life? Is it supporting your health with 4Life products? While that's definitely a great idea, in the November 30, 2010 issue of USA Today, journalist and lecturer Gail Sheehy wrote that selfless caregivers might experience greater longevity. Stephanie Brown, associate professor of preventive medicine at SUNY-Stonybrook, followed a group of older adults caring for family members with dementia and other conditions. If they offered care for more than 14 hours a week, they were less likely to die in a seven-year period than their peers. This study makes one wonder if "survival of the kindest" is perhaps even more important than "survival of the fittest."

In an interview with Berkeley Psychology professor Dacher Keltner, Sheehy learned that caring for people is just as much a part of science as "fight or flight." Berkeley and Stanford Universities even have compassion centers devoted to the study and teaching of this theory. Sheehy also noted in her article that the 40 richest Americans who took the Giving Pledge—to commit the majority of their wealth to charity—are either middle-aged or elderly themselves. Sheehy's interpretation? Nice guys don't finish last—they die last!

Those of us who love to serve others recognize that doing good is in and of itself the greatest reward, but isn't it nice to know that it also comes with great side-effects? Since this is the season for giving, it's heartwarming to know that giving of ourselves is good for others and us. Now we have even more proof that the 4Life pillars of science, success, and service help us to build other people... and ourselves, too!

Sheehy, Gail. "The secret to longer life could be selflessness, scientists say." USA Today. 30 Nov 2010.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Special 4Life Events in South Korea and Japan

We love reporting about exciting 4Life events going on all over the world. In the past few weeks, some great things have been happening in Japan and South Korea.

Recently, 4Life distributors and executives gathered for the annual Japan Executive Training (JET) event at the Tokyo Disney Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. The event also marked the launch of 4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime. We're especially pleased to note that Japan was the first market outside of the United States to launch Glutamine Prime!

Distributor leaders also enjoyed a Disney® Academy Training by Disney's legendary customer service staff. Everyone spent the night at DisneySEA®, socializing and taking in the rides and scenery. The event concluded with distributor training on 4Life Japan's website, recognition, and a tour of the local office.

Also, over 400 4Life distributors recently gathered in South Korea for their 2010 convention. In addition to the launch of 4Life Transfer Factor® Belle Vie®, distributors celebrated an increase in sales and phenomenal growth. Event highlights included a presentation by Gold International Diamond Fadzli Salim and a recognition ceremony.

Japan and South Korea are examples of the great potential that exists when you combine passionate distributors and dynamic executive leaders. These markets are thriving due to the presence of both. Thank you to everyone involved in these areas of the world!

4Life Japan distributors and executives enjoy a day together at DisneySEA.

What a great crowd at the 4Life South Korea 2010 Convention!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspiring Success in Southeast Asia

It is very exciting when the right people at the right time are in the right place to make something spectacular occur. This is exactly what's happening with the 4Life markets in Southeast Asia. We're proud to have the phenomenal leadership of our very first Platinum International Diamonds outside of the United States and Puerto Rico, Sadik Din and Hasnimah of Singapore. Also in Singapore, we have Gold International Diamonds Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah, Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, and Sheri Din. In Malaysia, we have Gold International Diamonds Akram Din, Rasid Kamisan and Hasrunita, Richard and Nancy Quek, and Dr. S.S. Tamilselvan and R. Shamala. And, we have wonderful 4Life corporate executives, such as Vice President, International Steve Apple; Vice President of Southeast Asia Michael Seet; General Manager of Indonesia Deddy Aryadi; General Manager of Philippines R. Glenn Ortega; General Manager of Thailand Canitta Panwinit; and General Manager of Malaysia and Singapore Tan Cher Lyn. These men and women are dedicated to supporting distributor success in every way possible.

Thousands of people in Southeast Asia have recognized the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor® products and the 4Life financial opportunity for success. This success culminated recently at the 4Life Singapore and Malaysia sixth anniversary celebration. During the event, 4Life President Steve Tew presented two Foundation 4Life® checks: $25,000 USD to the Indonesia Disaster Relief Fund and over $3,000 USD (RM 10,000) to PERNIM, a private welfare association that provides shelter and aid for the children of HIV/AIDS patients.

Another integral part of the celebration was the launch of the new Inspire magazine. Published in English and Malay, this third-party magazine recognizes the work of 4Life entrepreneurs in one of the company's fastest growing international regions. We are confident that this kind of credibility will help bring about even more growth in this region of the world.

We congratulate all of you who are a part of this explosive growth. Thank you for your inspiring examples and the reminder of the far-reaching effects of great leadership.

4Life corporate executives pose with distributor leaders at the Malaysia/Singapore sixth anniversary celebration.