Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Support the DSA

Recently, 4Life® President and CEO Steve Tew announced our company's dedication to the Direct Selling Proclamation and Impact. We want to add our commitment to this important initiative.

The proclamation reads, "The Direct Selling Association, its member companies and individual direct sellers for said companies do affirm and agree they will offer innovative, unique and valuable products and services to the American consumer; they will offer the highest level of customer service; they will promote the highest level of ethical business practices through the DSA Code of Ethics; they will provide an opportunity to individual direct sellers; and they will continue to work with governmental and non-governmental policy makers to protect consumers."

These statements perfectly align with the 4Life company philosophy, and we know that you build your businesses with these same values. We are so proud to be long-standing members of the DSA, and members of more than 12 international DSAs around the world. We encourage you to sign the proclamation and re-affirm your commitment as a business builder.

Click here to sign the Direct Selling Proclamation and Impact.

And, click here to view a video about the 2013 Direct Selling Summit on Capitol Hill Washington DC. Gold International Diamond Noel Albelo attended this great event and you'll see his short interview beginning at the 2:33 mark. It was a great experience for Noel to speak with US representatives and distributors from other companies.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jenna's Day at Sosei House

Recently, our daughter Jenna, Service Coordinator at 4Life, had the privilege to travel to Japan, South Korea, and  Malaysia to participate in 4Life service events. While in Japan, she visited Sosei House in Okinawa, an establishment that cares for autistic children. 4Life Japan provides ongoing support for Sosei House, including funds for exercise equipment, music therapy classes, and life skills such as sewing.

Wow! We had an incredible day at Sosei House. This is one of the most special places I have been able to visit. Lots of wonderful things are happening here, and the children are so precious. We joined them in their music therapy class, which was so fun. The kids in this therapy class have either lost their ability to speak, or they're struggling with it. The music therapy helps them form sounds again and it's very positive and fun for the kids. The children also learn how to play simple instruments like shakers and drums.

I also had the opportunity to see where the older kids and adults at Sosei House learn to make craft items and develop artistic talents. They use the sewing machine that 4Life donated to make some of their items. The crafts are sold at the local museums. I learned that they sell out almost every day! These projects give the residents an opportunity to earn money, learn skills, and feel like they belong in the community.

The staff and children are very grateful for everything 4Life does for them. Sosei House is a very happy place! The children look forward to being there and they are learning essential social and educational skills. I am happy I got to see this place in person!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Isn't It Romantic?

David and I recently both had preventive colonoscopies, and both test results came back normal. "How romantic that we're doing this together," I joked. But as I thought about it, it really is all about love. Taking care of ourselves is one of the best things we can do for the people we love. At 4Life®, we're dedicated to supporting people's health and empowering people's lives.

Enjoying good health is one of life's greatest blessings. In order to do this, it's important to not only know about the great products that 4Life provides, but also take advantage of regular screenings, checkups, and the latest technology available to help us know our bodies better.

Since February is a month in which we think about those we love, I encourage each of you to take time to assess your own health. It's not always the most pleasant process, but you'll be glad you did. Do it for the ones you love!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blessed to Be Part of This Team

We were so pleased last month to name 4Life® President Steve Tew as the company's new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As our new President and CEO, Steve will answer to the Board of Directors in all areas of growth, 4Life Transfer Factor® research and development, operational proficiency, and the ongoing satisfaction of distributors and more than 700 corporate employees around the world. We are pleased to continue our ongoing commitment to 4Life as the Chairman of the Board (David) and Vice Chairwoman of the Board (Bianca).

What Steve's presidency has done for the company that we launched in 1998 in nothing short of remarkable. As one among many corporate milestones achieved under his leadership, 4Life has enjoyed significant year-over-year sales growth during each year in business. In 2013, 4Life surpassed two billion dollars in cumulative sales, having paid out more than one billion dollars in commissions to distributors.

Steve has already proved himself so willing and capable to shoulder this load. He is a man of extraordinary talent and ability. When Steve came on board, 4Life was blessed to have a man of great business acumen and a keen insight into how to solve problems. In addition to these abilities, Steve has a great love for 4Life distributors and a concern to help them succeed.

We are grateful for his leadership, as well as the sacrifice he and his wife Sherma make to our organizational success. We feel so blessed to be part of such a great team. The future of 4Life has never been brighter.