Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You Ask, We Answer!

Once a month, we answer questions from you, our 4Life® distributors. Stay tuned to the 4Life Research USA Facebook page for your next chance to ask questions!

Rolly Guiao Ocampo from the Philippines asks, "What is your advice for building a business with your spouse?"

Thanks for the great question! Sharing the same goals for your business can be a very rewarding and fun endeavor. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Be sure you make time when you don't talk or think about the business. Don't let it consume all of your time together.

2. Divide responsibilities so that each person fills the role for which he is best suited. If your spouse is really good at keeping the books but doesn't like public speaking, don't expect him to speak at meetings. Maybe with time your spouse will grow into doing a new role, but let that happen at a natural pace.

3. If a certain aspect of building your business causes both of you great stress (like planning a large event, for example), it might be worth it to hire other people to help you, rather than get too stressed out.

4. Don't forget to compliment one another, celebrate your successes, and encourage one another in challenges. Remind each other why you became involved with 4Life, the goals you want to accomplish, and the dreams you share together.

5. If you have children, share what you are doing with them and get them involved, too. Let them feel like they can contribute in some way, even if they just help you set up chairs for a meeting. If you have young children, take turns being away from them if possible, because your family should always be your first priority.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get Your 4Life®-Branded Tablet!

Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams will be here before you know it. But before October, there's plenty of work to be done. We hope that all of you are working hard to earn your very own 4Life-branded tablet. They will be handed out at convention for those who qualify, and you definitely want to get yours!

This is a great opportunity to present a polished and professional image, no matter where your business takes you. Share a 4Life® video in a restaurant, hold a web conference meeting with a few team members, or even just check up on your business for the month.

Plus, during Live Your Dreams, our web team will unveil some great advancements in 4Life mobile applications and features that will help you access data, give presentations, and build your business wherever you are... and you can do it all with your brand-new tablet.

Visit to read all of the details about the contest. We want all of our 4Life family members in Miami to earn their very own 4Life-branded tablet. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Special Visit to Nkosi's Haven

Before we embarked on the Grand African Adventure last month, we visited Nkosi's Haven in South Africa with President Steve Tew and his wife Sherma. It is a home for mothers and children affected by HIV that was founded by Gail Johnson and her adopted son, Nkosi. Since 2001, Foundation 4Life® has helped support this very special place. With your help, we've made significant donations to help build Nkosi's Haven 4Life Farm so the Haven could grown their own food, expand their chicken runs for increased egg production, and offer self-improvement classes to the mothers.

Nkosi's Haven is such an amazing place! We visited with the mothers, laughed with the kids, toured the facility, and even enjoyed beautiful choir numbers performed by the children. We even presented new pajamas to all of the kids! Gail has created a unique place that allows mothers and children to be together, especially when moms are suffering with the effects of AIDS and can no longer take care of themselves. They have a playroom, music room, art room, bakery, and library. The Haven pays for all of the kids to attend school through high school and college, if that's their choice. Gail makes sure the kids work hard, study hard, and do their best so they can create a great future for themselves.

Grace, a resident for almost 14 years, rises every morning at 3:30 am to get breakfast ready for everyone. She told us that living there has changed her life. She remarked, "Cooking for these children is my life. Every day I ask for strength. I can't not be here. God planned it this way."

We're so grateful we had the chance to visit this happy, inspiring place. Once again, we witnessed the power that you have because you truly live the 4Life® mission of Together, Building People®. Thank you!

David and Bianca Lisonbee visit Nkosi's Haven 4Life Farm with 4Life President Steve Tew and his wife Sherma.

This little girl can't wait to try on her new pajamas!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamond Mas Ryandi and Kenny Kanita

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Mas Ryandi and Kenny Kanita. It's so wonderful to witness more and more 4Life family members achieving their dreams, building successful businesses, and changing lives with the power of what we have to share. We're so proud of all you have accomplished, Mas and Kenny!

As an architect and interior designer with a mediocre salary, it was very difficult to achieve my dreams. I didn't want to continue with the day-to-day routine of an office job. It's my dream to achieve financial freedom and time freedom. Because of 4Life, I'm no longer afraid to dream big. One by one, all of my dreams are coming true.

After my wife had a great experience with 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula, we introduced it to the rest of our family members. 4Life Transfer Factor is the best! My favorite 4Life experience was when I won the Great Escape+ trip and joined other distributors in Thailand. It was wonderful to meet distributors from other countries and share our knowledge with one another. It was very energizing for my business.

I am always happy to share the vision and mission of 4Life with everyone I meet. I tell the story of 4Life from my heart. I build good relationships and work to gain the trust of my friends. Most importantly, I am happy to enjoy all that we have achieved because of 4Life.

Going for vacations with family members and friends, owning my dream house and car—these are no longer dreams, but realities. I am confident that all of my dreams and the dreams of my downline members will become reality with 4Life. With 4Life, I can afford the best for my family.

Gold International Diamonds Mas Ryandi & Kenny Kanita

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Unforgettable Memories in Africa!

We recently returned from the Grand African Adventure, the Platinum Pinnacle and Gold Getaway trip to South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana. It truly was the trip of a lifetime. About 80 of us embarked together on this adventure.

For safari drives, we were divided into groups to ride in special open-air jeeps to view the wildlife. Five minutes into the first drive, our group came upon an entire group of elephants at a small pond. We watched as a baby elephant tried to swim for what appeared to be the first time. What a thrill it was to view these magnificent animals in their natural habitat! After viewing zebras, Cape buffalo, wildebeests, and lions, we were so hopeful that the other groups were having equally enjoyable experiences. We were so excited to hear of the great adventures the rest of the 4Life group had.

As wonderful as it is to experience something like this yourself, it is even better to share what you've witnessed with loved ones and friends. That's what our business is all about. With 4Life, you have the chance to share life-changing products and a life-changing financial opportunity with others. As you do this, you achieve success and qualify for fabulous incentive trips such as the Grand African Adventure.

How blessed we are—we have so much to share! Wonderful products, a great financial opportunity, and the chance to make unforgettable memories with people we love on trips all over the world. We look forward to seeing many of you on the next 4Life incentive trip!

We got up close and personal with this group of elephants. 

 These distributors are ready to explore the wilds of Africa.

Join us on the next Platinum Pinnacle and Gold Getaway!