Friday, June 19, 2009

Look for Diamond-makers

Not too long ago, International Diamond Solomon Butler visited the 4Life home office. Anyone who has met Solomon or heard him speak knows about the infectious power of his enthusiasm and passion for life... and 4Life! It was inspiring to hear about his belief in 4Life, our products, and our Together, Building People® mission. During his visit, Solomon said something that made a big impression on us. He said, "I don't look for Diamonds. I look for Diamond-makers."

We think this statement encompasses the true meaning of leadership. It's about looking for the leadership potential in others. This type of attitude really goes together well with Together, Building People, because our goal isn't to just get people to follow us, but rather to recognize and foster in others their ability to lead as well. This kind of vision makes for long-term success in the network marketing industry. And, this kind of leadership not only identifies the leadership potential in others, but also recognizes that you must have the confidence and humility to not be threatened by that potential. Some of the most successful CEOs have said that one of the first things they did on their road to becoming successful was to surround themselves with people they felt were their superiors in one way or another.

We salute all of you who are engaged in the great work of building people and fostering leadership potential in others. That's what 4Life is all about.

Solomon Butler, Steve Tew, and Alan Michaelis

David and Bianca Lisonbee present Solomon Butler with his International Diamond pin.