Friday, August 28, 2009

4Life is perfect for people of all ages!

Ken Williams, David Lisonbee, and Bianca Lisonbee

The above picture shows us with 4Life Diamond Ken Williams at our illuminate '09 convention. He is 92 years old and lives on the island of Barbados. As far as we know, Ken is 4Life's oldest Diamond distributor. He is also the author of an historical novel called The Passage to Eden.

It's wonderful to be reminded that it is never too late to seek support for our immune systems with 4Life Transfer Factor® products and take advantage of the 4Life opportunity for success. 4Life also attracts both the young at heart and the young in years. Pictured below is Fadzli Salim of Singapore. At 30 years old, he is Asia's youngest Gold International Diamond. Amazing!

We're so pleased that people of all ages and in so many countries have recognized that 4Life can help them live better lives. We are building people all over the world—together!

Mr. and Mrs. Fadzli Salim