Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamonds Jeanny Serra and Manny López

This is the first of several spotlights on Gold International Diamonds that have achieved the rank within the last few months. We're grateful for the commitment of Jeanny Serra and Manny López of Puerto Rico. They have steadfastly worked toward achieving their dreams and we're so proud!

We were introduced to 4Life during the most difficult time in our lives. We were both working and studying in order to care for our children and try to provide them with a better future. When Gold International Diamond Rafaela Santiago told us about 4Life, I instantly saw that it was an opportunity whereby I could make my dreams come true. After watching as a spectator for a period of time, my husband Manny joined me in our business.

Today, our lifestyle is different. We are better human beings. We no longer have to worry about economic problems or how to find extra time to see our children. Instead, we spend each day showing our family that dreams can come true. Above all, the power to help other families obtain what we have achieved fills us with joy. 4Life has taught us that the purpose of our lives is to help and inspire others to grow.

Good relationships are critical for success. Many people say that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. We tell everyone if they treat each person as if he were the most important person, their business can grow to a new level. We believe that God puts people in our lives so that we can share 4Life with them. Wonderful things occur when you tell stories, ask questions, and give options.

We feel so happy to have achieved this position, thanks to people who have supported us, like Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Herminio Nevárez and Yadira Olivo and Gold International Diamond Rafaela Santiago. We're grateful to our downline team, who work each day to expand our business so that more lives can be transformed. Just as our rank has changed, our commitment has grown. There are more people that we need to help!

Jeanny Serra and Manny López