Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Wonderful Team

When Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado met his future wife Damaris several years ago, we knew that they would accomplish great things as an unstoppable team. And together, they have accomplished something that no other distributor team has done before. Not only is Juan a qualified Platinum, but now, Damaris has achieved the Platinum level in her own right. This is the first time ever that 4Life has had two Platinum International Diamonds in the same household!

On behalf of all 4Life executives, we want to congratulate Juan and Damaris on this tremendous accomplishment. Achieving the Platinum level, not just once, but twice, really shows what can happen when you mentor members of your team and nurture their business growth. When you display true leadership, wonderful things can transpire.

Damaris is a great inspiration. She is a woman who cares deeply about her family, as well as helping children all over the world. Together, Juan and Damaris have shown all of us the power of leadership and true teamwork. Thank you, Juan and Damaris, for your wonderful leadership, teamwork, and commitment to 4Life, your family, and the legacy you're building for the future.