Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Team 4Life Welcomes its First Female Members

We have always been proud of the world-class athletes who have benefitted from 4Life products. We are especially pleased to announce the recent addition of the first-ever female athlete members of Team 4Life. We want to personally welcome Yohana Sánchez and Alexa Devereaux!

Hailing from Venezuela, Yohana is a karate champion who has medaled in the World Games, Pan American Games, South American Championships, and Central American Championships. She began practicing karate at the age of four because her father, Rafael Sánchez, ran a dojo (karate school) in their backyard. Yohana has been on the National Venezuelan Karate Team for 13 years. Welcome, Yohana!

After a successful 12 year gymnastic career, Alexa Devereaux turned to the hill as a freestyle aerilist. Now in training as a hopeful for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, she trains at the Utah Olympic Park (UOP) for five to six hours a day, five days a week. Welcome, Alexa!

Yohana and Alexa both bring impressive résumés to Team 4Life, but most importantly, they love 4Life products and take them on a regular basis. "Karate requires balance, discipline, and control," Yohana said, "I take 4Life Transfer Factor® products for support during my training to sustain my edge."

"Consistent training requires me to take care of myself by eating right and sleeping well," Alexa commented. "I rely on 4Life supplements as part of my wellness regimen. I supplement with NutraStart® in the morning, Energy Go Stix® berry flavor in the mid-afternoon, and Fibro AMJ® Night-Time Formula in the evening."

Any athlete will attest to the importance of keeping the immune system strong. We are excited to see the difference 4Life products provide to help Yohana and Alexa stay at the top of their games!

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 Yohana Sánchez

 Alexa Devereaux