Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Go for the Gold with 4Life Products

Recently, we had the opportunity to watch Team 4Life member and champion aerial ski jumper Alexa Devereaux practice for the next winter Olympics. You might be wondering how someone practices in the summer for a winter sport. Well, instead of jumping off into snow she jumps into water—a swimming pool, to be exact! If you are ever in Park City, Utah during the summer, it is really fun to watch training at the Utah Olympic Park.

Alexa and karate world champion Yohana S├ínchez, our first female members, joined Team 4Life a few months ago. And, a few weeks ago, we introduced a brand-new Team 4Life member—Super Bowl champion Sam Madison. Sam played for three years with the New York Giants and nine years with the Miami Dolphins. Today, he's a sports commentator who dedicates much of his time to supporting youth athletics. Sam shared, "4Life makes great products. I supplement with ReZoom®, Energy Go Stix®, and 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula. My whole family takes 4Life products. Yours should, too!"

Our Team 4Life members are living proof of the immune system support that 4Life Transfer Factor® products can provide for athletes who need to stay in top physical condition. We can only imagine the stress an athlete and her body go through to strap her feet to two boards, jump off a precipice, perform a perfect rotation while soaring through the air, and land squarely on her two feet.

Alexa, Yohana, Sam, and all of our Team 4Life members recognize the importance of using 4Life products to help them perform their best. Most of us probably don't train for sports competitions on a regular basis, but each of us undergoes pressure in our daily lives. We feel so blessed to offer what we believe are the best products on the planet to help all of us go for the gold in everything we do!

Click here to view a video of the 4Life executives and Alexa Devereaux at the Olympic Training Park.

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 Team 4Life member Alexa Devereaux soars through the air at the Olympic Training Park.

4Life executives pose with Alexa during their visit to the Olympic Training Park.