Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Support One Another

A few weeks ago, over 300 people attended the U.S. Great Escape+ trip in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We were unable to attend, but we heard from many people that it was a resounding success! During the trip, attendees learned from several 4Life leaders, including Platinum International Diamonds Juan Rosado and Damaris Zapata, and Gold International Diamonds José Martín and Zoraida Rosado, Ileana and Hugo Johnson, and Rob Robertston, III.

As part of her speech, Damaris spoke about the importance of supporting your spouse in building a 4Life business. She shared that even if you are not personally building on a full-time basis, it's critical to still support your full-time spouse. "It's so hard to deal with challenges in the field and then have your spouse complain at home," Damaris shared. "Your spouse's support is like fuel for your airplane."

Damaris also spoke about the gentle way in which Juan encouraged her to become more involved in their 4Life business. "He told me it was ok if I didn't want to build a business, but he asked me to come with him to meetings. At every meeting, the speakers planted a seed in me. And at every meeting, Juan asked me to say a few words. Little by little, I started to break away from my shyness."

We love this! No matter your situation, supporting your spouse in his or her dreams is extremely important. We also think it's great that Juan allowed Damaris to go at her own pace and learn that 4Life could be the perfect opportunity to achieve her own dreams. Juan and Damaris are a great example of a couple that dreams together and then works together to make those dreams come true!

Damaris Zapata addresses the audience during the U.S. Great Escape+ trip.

Juan Rosado and Damaris Zapata are ready to dance the night away at the Great Escape+ closing reception.