Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Product Advancements Announced at Live Your Dreams

We had an amazing time last week at Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams! From the bottom of your hearts, thank you to everyone that made the journey to be with us in Miami Beach. It was an unforgettable experience!

During General Session I, we unveiled an awesome new look for 4Life Transfer Factor® products. What's more, we announced UltraFactor XF—a new-and-improved and 25% more effective 4Life Transfer Factor extract from cow colostrum! Click here to learn more about this tremendous advancement. And, click here to watch the new Making Transfer Factor for the World video.

Also during General Session I, we revealed the new enummi® advanced product line. This trio of products is a precision-strength complexion recovery system that helps combat the appearance of complexion aging to reveal smoother, more luminous, and younger-looking skin.

Complete with break dancers and samples being launched into the audience, we introduced 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix Tri-Factor® Formula. It's portable and shareable, and every packet of RioVida Stix contains a full serving of 4Life Transfer Factor. Plus, it contains super fruit antioxidants for immune system support. Try it today!

Last, but certainly not least, Chief Scientific Officer Chris Lockwood, PhD, CSCS introduced 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo. It is synergistically formulated to promote a more youthful and healthy response to the physiological stresses of life—whatever kicks your body out of balance. This new Targeted Transfer Factor® product has already yielded some amazing results during a recent clinical study. Check out the November/December 2013 Summit magazine to read all about it!