Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spotlight on New Platinum International Diamonds Miguel Bermúdez Marín & William Soto

Congratulations to new Platinum International Diamonds Miguel Bermúdez Marín and William Soto from Puerto Rico! After coming together to build a joint business, they understood the true value of teamwork and experienced synergy in sharing 4Life with people throughout Latin America and the world. Well done!

We decided to become partners in building a 4Life business because we care about one another and wanted to support each other as we have done for so many years. And we also firmly believed that 4Life is the best option for people to reach their goals and dreams.

Our favorite 4Life experience is when we were recognized as Platinum International Diamonds at Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams in Miami. It was wonderful to stand next to 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, spend time with executives, employees, and other distributors, and even ride on the 4Life golf cart. Everything was amazing!

The principal ingredient in our business is passion. You need to have passion to make your dreams come true and help other people achieve their dreams, too. Likewise, this is a business of relationships. You need to have good relationships with everyone on your team.

As we have gained knowledge with the International Networkers Team educational system, we have been able to help many people awaken their dreams, work to achieve goals, and change their lifestyles. In doing so, one of our dreams has come true—to witness the personal and economic growth of many people in Latin America. 4Life has been the financial vehicle that has allowed us to help many people change their economic and personal situations.

Platinum International Diamonds Miguel Bermúdez Marín & William Soto