Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Support the DSA

Recently, 4Life® President and CEO Steve Tew announced our company's dedication to the Direct Selling Proclamation and Impact. We want to add our commitment to this important initiative.

The proclamation reads, "The Direct Selling Association, its member companies and individual direct sellers for said companies do affirm and agree they will offer innovative, unique and valuable products and services to the American consumer; they will offer the highest level of customer service; they will promote the highest level of ethical business practices through the DSA Code of Ethics; they will provide an opportunity to individual direct sellers; and they will continue to work with governmental and non-governmental policy makers to protect consumers."

These statements perfectly align with the 4Life company philosophy, and we know that you build your businesses with these same values. We are so proud to be long-standing members of the DSA, and members of more than 12 international DSAs around the world. We encourage you to sign the proclamation and re-affirm your commitment as a business builder.

Click here to sign the Direct Selling Proclamation and Impact.

And, click here to view a video about the 2013 Direct Selling Summit on Capitol Hill Washington DC. Gold International Diamond Noel Albelo attended this great event and you'll see his short interview beginning at the 2:33 mark. It was a great experience for Noel to speak with US representatives and distributors from other companies.