Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamond Park Mi Ae

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamond Park Mi Ae from South Korea! This region of the world has exploded with growth over the past year, and we have no doubt that Mrs. Park has played a big role in that growth. Well done!

I was involved with network marketing before 4Life®, but I had become dissatisfied with my previous company's marketing strategy. Plus, I had little time for myself. I was busy all the time. Working for that company was financially and mentally difficult. 4Life came along as a savior for me.

I think 4Life provides the best way for ordinary people to increase their wealth, because the company has the best products and compensation system. Working for 4Life has paid off. During my two years with 4Life, I have enjoyed vacations in Cebu City, Philippines; Jeju Island, South Korea; and Miami, Florida. I bought a new car and moved into a much larger office.

As a Gold International Diamond, I hope to mentor as many new Gold International Diamonds as possible, so others can truly enjoy the fruits of their hard work. I'm determined to achieve Platinum International Diamond so I can help other people. I'd like to help unfortunate children and elderly people in Korea.

As a leader, you should always think about how your team will succeed together in the long run. If you want to become a good leader, change everything—your habits, attitude, and way of speaking—that stands in your way. Unless you first change yourself, there's no growth.

Gold International Diamond Park Mi Ae