Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamond Mustafa Debu

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamond Mustafa Debu from Indonesia! We are so proud of everything our 4Life leaders in Indonesia have accomplished over the last few years. What Mustafa has done with his organization is amazing. Well done!

At first, I wasn't interested in building a network marketing business, but 4Life has a beautiful concept of networking. I got involved with 4Life because I wanted to earn more for my family and help a lot of people. It's really about building people. 4Life can help bring people to their dreams.

Each day, I get to help people achieve their dreams and offer them hope that they will be successful. That is my favorite part of being a 4Life distributor. When you need something or when you want to share your happiness, your friends will be there for you. And with 4Life, I make friends as I invest in other people.

Being a leader is all about service. You must have integrity and respect for those around you. 4Life is not just about products, it's about changing your lifestyle. As you share 4Life with others, show them the lifestyle you've achieved. Show them your time freedom and your great wealth.

Achieving the Gold International Diamond level is more about helping my mentor, Sheri Din, become a Platinum International Diamond. That is the biggest joy in my life. Start big and build your business full-time. The potential of 4Life is too big to do it any other way. Dream big. Commit to yourself and your dreams!

Gold International Diamond Mustafa Debu