Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Share the Light of Service

At 4Life®, service is truly at the heart of everything we do. When you enjoy a phenomenal lifestyle with the 4Life products and business opportunity, you naturally want to share your good fortune with others. We firmly believe that each of us has a light that is meant to be shared. Service is an amazing way to do that!

When we started Foundation 4Life® in 2006, we established clear goals. We work to build people, families, and communities wherever 4Life conducts business, with a particular focus on the children of the world. Together, we can leave a lasting legacy of empowerment for children and the communities in which they reside.

Our service efforts set us apart from other companies. And because of that, service is a great way to start a conversation about 4Life. We encourage you to start conversations about 4Life by introducing people to our combined service efforts all over the world.

The brand-new Foundation 4Life website includes information on Foundation 4Life projects, the community development program, distributor donors, the latest service news, and much more. Because of distributors like you, we can bring smiles to the faces of children who have to endure the harsh realities of life.

We encourage you to get involved with 4Life service efforts, in whatever way you can. Share your love and service with others—and share your light!