Friday, February 13, 2009

4Life Success “Down Under”

Recently, we had the chance to go "Down Under" and join some of our 4Life family members in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia for the 4Life Australia/New Zealand convention. It was wonderful to be with our distributors in that part of the world and celebrate all that they have achieved. The people of Australia and New Zealand are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, and this was certainly evident during the convention as they shared their enthusiasm for the 4Life products and opportunity.

During the Recognition Gala, we were treated to the amazing talents
of the "Team Diamond" band, led by 4Life Presidential Diamond and professional musician Tony Kruger. He sang "Life is wonderful" by Jason Marz, and changed the words to "4Life is wonderful." He was amazing! We think even Jason Marz would have been impressed!

We were inspired by 4Life Diamond John DeJose and 4Life Presidential Diamond Dr. Stephen Hardy, who are passionate in their research to use 4Life Transfer Factor to benefit animals in Australia. And, of course, we loved meeting with wonderful distributor leaders such as 4Life International Diamonds Barry and Sue Blake. They are such vibrant and caring human beings.

Great things are happening in Australia and New Zealand, evidenced by t
he passion and commitment we witnessed at their recent convention. We're confident that we'll continue to witness amazing success in that part of the 4Life world. To all those who are working so hard to take 4Life to the great people of Australia and New Zealand, we'd like to say, "Goodonya!"

Tony Kruger and the "Team Diamond" band entertain the crowd.

Presidential Diamonds Masa and Deanne Urasaki, Dr. CK Benny Foo, Desiree De Leeuw, and Marie and Michael Salmon receive awards.

John DeJose, Bianca Lisonbee, David Lisonbee, Dr. Stephen Hardy, and Gold International Diamond Indra Virasinghe hold a special meeting during the cruise on Sunday morning.

A group of happy 4Life distributors enjoy the Sunday cruise during the Australia/New Zealand convention.