Friday, February 20, 2009

What makes 4Life different?

The 4Life Home Office rolls out the "red carpet" for Kim Ferguson.

When Gold International Diamond Kim Ferguson visited the 4Life Home Office recently, she brought two guests with her. We spoke at length with Kim about her thoughts on why new distributors choose 4Life. The guests she brought are especially interested in 4Life because of the unique message that we offer. See if their comments sound familiar to you:

1. They are impressed with the science of 4Life products.

2. They are excited about the opportunity to achieve success quickly through the Life Rewards Plan. They are also impressed with the consistent growth 4Life has experienced around the world.

3. They are grateful for the warm reception and service they have received from the 4Life staff.

4. They are impressed with the dedication and leadership they have witnessed in Kim Ferguson, a successful distributor who has been with 4Life for many years.

Kim's guests, and many others just like them, are attracted to 4Life because of what we offer in the areas of Science, Success, and Service. At 4Life, we are committed to leading the way in these three areas. We are grateful that so many people recognize that Science, Success, and Service are important pieces of what 4Life is all about. And when distributors build their 4Life businesses on these principles, their chance for overall success is much greater. We wish all of you continued growth and prosperity as we bring the best of Science, Success, and Service to the world!