Friday, March 27, 2009

4Life in Canada!

Rene Rivera, Rigoberto Melendez, Deysi Menjivar, Ana Melendez, Carlos Ramírez, Alan Michaelis, and Jason Gough

Earlier this month, 4Life Vice President of Distributor Relations Alan Michaelis and Director of Marketing Jason Gough traveled to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for meetings with 4Life distributors. Montreal is a predominately French-speaking city, but we have a growing group of Spanish-speaking distributors in that area. International Diamond Carlos Ramírez has been especially instrumental in sponsoring and training them, and he joined Alan and Jason for the 4Life meetings in Montreal. Most of the distributors they met with speak French in addition to Spanish. Jason Gough hails from Canada and speaks fluent French, so it was invaluable to have him there to address French speakers in their native language.

On the 4Life executives' first night in the city, Carlos held a 4Life opportunity meeting. Jason and Alan briefly introduced themselves and explained their specific roles within the company. The next morning, Carlos held a leadership meeting with some of the distributors in his group, and recognized them for their efforts in growing their organizations and increasing 4Life's presence in Canada. Later that night, Alan and Jason hosted a meeting about 4Life for distributors and their prospects—the room was packed! Jason presented the material in French, and Alan gave a corporate presentation in English, with Carlos translating into Spanish. Local distributors shared their product and opportunity testimonials. By all accounts, it was a wonderful event.

Alan and Jason came home from Montreal with ideas on how to help the distributors in Canada better build their businesses. They're working on both new and enhanced forms of communication to help distributors succeed and also branch out into the French and English-speaking markets in Canada. Although smaller in numbers compared to some other areas of the world, the Spanish-speaking group in Montreal has already displayed an extraordinary amount of passion and commitment to 4Life. Several of them have committed to attending our convention in May—and that number is increasing!

We're very excited about the growth of 4Life in Canada, and we're thankful for leaders such as Carlos Ramírez who take the time to train and nurture the distributors in their group. We're looking forward to many years of growth for 4Life in Canada!