Friday, March 20, 2009

Blessing Lives Through Service

From the very beginning of 4Life, it has been clear to us that this is a blessed endeavor. As we came upon certain obstacles and crossroads, we often felt that we were being sustained by a power above our own natural abilities—not because of any credit to us, but because of 4Life's potential to bless so many lives. We have a strong conviction that when you serve others, great blessings come.

Earlier this week, we announced that we had accepted an assignment to serve an 18-month mission for our church in Milan, Italy, beginning early summer 2009. We are so pleased that the nature of this particular assignment will allow us to balance our service commitments in Italy with our current obligations at 4Life. We will continue to be in attendance at all major 4Life events, and will still be very involved in directing the future of this company. We have never felt more confident and optimistic about 4Life's future.

We have also never been more confident in the talents and abilities of our Home Office staff, 4Life staff throughout the world, and distributor leadership in the field. And, anyone who knows our President Steve Tew knows that his expertise and dedication have always excelled beyond that which any company could hope for.

We have been so touched by the expressions of support that have come from so many of you as you have heard our news. How grateful we are that 4Life has attracted a culture of people who understand so well the power of faith, and the blessings that come from service and sacrifice. Thank you for being who you are. You continue to be an inspiration to us. We look forward to updating you as our adventure continues.

4Life has always been about achieving dreams, and that's definitely true today. Although we did not seek out this assignment, it has always been a dream of ours to one day serve a mission together. We are grateful to 4Life and all of you for making this dream possible for us. We are more committed than ever to helping each of you realize your own dreams.

We firmly believe that as we serve others through the mission of Together, Building People, the entire 4Life family will experience great blessings. Thank you again for all of your love and support. We'll see you soon at illuminate '09!

The famous Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy