Friday, July 10, 2009

A doctor's prescription for success!

We recently had the chance to visit with Dr. Duane Townsend, a world-renowned physician and one of the founding members of our Health Sciences Advisory Board, who just returned from a five-day, five-product, five-city 4Life meeting tour in Japan and Korea. Dr. Townsend and his wife Joan are committed and successful 4Life distributors.

As we spoke with Dr. Townsend, it was wonderful to witness his infectious enthusiasm. This recent meeting tour even included on-stage costumes and theatrics. It is such a blessing to have a physician of his caliber so excited about the great benefits of 4Life products. He believes that even though there are other "juice products" out there, none of them can compare to 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula, in terms of both antioxidant support and immune-boosting power.

During the meeting tour, Dr. Townsend not only shared his passion for the products, but also the best ways to share 4Life products and the financial opportunity with others. He challenged everyone at one particular meeting to talk with two people about 4Life when they went back to their hotel. But, he told them that he had already spoken with his interpreter and the hotel bellman!

Dr. Townsend also shared the idea that no one will ever sign up with a stranger. He said that we must make friends with people first. It may take a day, a week, or a month, but genuine friendships can produce genuine results. He has enjoyed making friends all over the world as he shares 4Life with others. This is the kind of passion and energy that fuels great success. We appreciate so much the credibility, expertise, passion, and fun that "Dr. T." brings to the 4Life family.

Dr. Townsend presents new 4Life products on his Japan and Korea meeting tour.