Friday, July 17, 2009

Make dreams come true with 4Life

For us, one of the most rewarding things about 4Life is witnessing so many of you working to make your dreams come true. As similar as those dreams may be in general—financial security, good health, and time freedom—they are often very diverse in the details. Most 4Life distributors are familiar with Rob Robertson, Jr. MD, a former emergency room physician and a member of our Health Sciences Advisory Board. He was one of 4Life's very first distributors and the first recipient of the Credendo Vides Chairman's Award.

Dr. Robertson has just made one of his dreams come true—the completion of The Wonder Team, a book that tells the story of the Centre College Praying Colonels and their rise to the top of the football world in 1917–1924. Dr. Robertson really communicates his love of history as he tells this great story. As you read this book, you can also discern Dr. Robertson's admiration for stories that reflect the human spirit of courage and determination. It is a story that will inspire anyone, whether a football fan or not.

This September, a documentary based on this story will air on a public television channel in Kentucky. Way to go, Dr. Robertson! It's great to see all of the wonderful things that 4Life distributors accomplish with the time, freedom, and resources that they have. We love to hear about the many different dreams that each of you have achieved. Keep on dreaming, and keep on making those dreams come true. That's what 4Life is all about!