Friday, September 4, 2009

Stay connected through technology

As many of you know, we are living in Italy right now. We are enjoying wonderful experiences as we help establish a center in Milan for young adults as a place of refuge, inspiration, and wholesome fun. It is going very well. Through the amazing benefits of modern technology, it has been possible for us to stay connected with everyone at 4Life on a daily basis.

Are you taking advantage of this in your business? If you are someone who feels somewhat insecure about your technology IQ, we encourage you to ask one of your children, grandchildren, or another family member to help you. There are so many little things that really are not that hard to learn—e-mailing, texting, and even blogging—that can help you keep connected with people in your 4Life organization all over the world.

Technology can also be a great benefit in your prospecting efforts. Isn't it great that you can talk with someone new for even just a few minutes about 4Life Transfer Factor® and the Life Rewards Plan, and then say that you would be happy to follow up by sending a link to the 4Life website or e-mailing 4Life marketing materials? We even have the Summit magazine online, as well as so many other resources to help you succeed.

Of course, nothing could ever replace the human touch, but technology helps us make that touch reach further and further around the world!