Friday, November 6, 2009

The Future is Bright!

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend a marvelous meeting with 4Life distributors in Barcelona, Spain. There were over 800 people in attendance. The excitement conveyed by distributors about the success they've experienced with 4Life was electric! The 4Life staff from the Barcelona office did a fabulous job organizing the meeting. Kudos to all who were involved!

After that, we set sail on a cruise for the very first Russia/Eurasia Great Escape+ trip. In addition to all of the Great Escape+ attendees, we were thrilled to enjoy the trip with Platinum International Diamonds Dave and Gabriela Daughtrey and Russia's first Gold International Diamond, Lyubov Alimova. We were so impressed at the number of medical professionals in the group. They are a very educated group who love the science of 4Life Transfer Factor®. We heard many wonderful testimonials about how the 4Life products have provided immune system support in their part of the world. It was very inspiring.

Whether in Spain, Eurasia, or anywhere else in the world, one thing remains the same: the hope and optimism you feel as you witness the enthusiasm of 4Life distributors. In today's world, we are seeing a lot of fear and worry about the economy and what the future holds. Below are some pictures from these events. You will notice that none of these people look worried or fearful. The future is very bright for 4Life and its distributors!

The crowd enjoys the 4Life meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

Tatiana Yachnaya, Lyubov Alimova, and Galina Streltsova.

4Life distributors from Russia/Eurasia enjoy the Great Escape+ cruise.

Check out this hilarious video of 4Life President of Eurasia Emma Oganova pretending to be a helicopter propeller on the Great Escape+ cruise.