Friday, December 25, 2009

Three 4Life Dreams

This time of year is perfect for spending time with family and friends, and reflecting on your blessings. And it's also a great chance to think about the dreams you've been able to achieve with the help of 4Life. We love sharing in your success!

My mother died several years ago, and my father passed away in 2004. I feared that my family members would become distant with one another, since my four brothers live far away from me. But now that we're all involved in 4Life, our relationships have only grown stronger. We see each other at 4Life meetings and conventions in Utah, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Besides building our businesses together, we spend time with each other, travel, and stay in contact with one another. This is the first of my dreams that has come true.

My second dream that has come true is to be able to help change people's lives with 4Life products. I have recommended the products to many people and I have heard many testimonials from people who have experienced fantastic health support.

I am in the process of making my third dream come true, which is to achieve financial freedom. I am pursuing this dream by searching for people who are interested in the 4Life opportunity. I know that I will make my dream come true and I'm not going to give up. I will continue to look for those people who will walk alongside me toward a better quality of life. It has been a blessing to be involved with this great company.

Magda Cintron, 4Life distributor
Puerto Rico

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Magda Cintron