Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We hope you'll enjoy reading this wonderful dream story tribute. As 2010 begins, we challenge you to re-commit to achieving the dreams you have for yourself. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

My husband Noel is a full-time firefighter in Florida as well as a full-time father for both of our small children. He is also fully dedicated to 4Life and the 4Life international family. 4Life has truly become a blessing for my husband in helping him pursue his quest to build something of his own for our family's future. He is a driven individual, with a positive outlook on his goals and dreams. He is such a wonderful and hard-working person. Noel gives 110% when it comes to delivering 4Life's message of health and wellness and does it with such energy that people are eager to listen and learn about the 4Life opportunity. To prove my point, he recently set in place a goal to reach the Diamond status, and he did it in less than four weeks! I am very proud of my husband and I know that whatever he sets his mind to do, he will accomplish it. Presidential Diamond, here we come!

Noel and Mariselle Ramos, 4Life Diamonds
Florida, USA

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Noel Ramos and his son