Friday, February 12, 2010

Platinum Dream Stories: Ray and Barbara Meurer

We thought it would be great to feature the dream stories of our six Platinum International Diamonds, and we'd love to start with the very first distributors to achieve this prestigious rank, Ray and Barbara Meurer. Ray's enthusiasm for 4Life and 4Life Transfer Factor® has fueled 4Life's success from the very beginning. He is a mover and shaker, with a wonderful heart to match his vision. Ray is also blessed to be married to an incredible woman of great ability and compassion. Ray and Barbara make a great team.

Our path to success wasn't easy. Being something of an unstructured soul, I became "unemployable" at a young age. Bouncing in and out of jobs, I couldn't seem to make anything stick. I found myself close to despair as I fell deeper and deeper into what I considered absolute failure. It was at this point that I learned about 4Life.

I was initially uninterested in the 4Life opportunity, but after receiving several calls, I finally agreed to read about the product. When I did so, I felt that if the science translated into real health benefits, 4Life Transfer Factor would be revolutionary. I decided to start building a business. My team and I talked to people on the phone, built relationships, and sent out our materials. I worked harder and harder every day, and I saw great leaps in my business and amazing results in the lives of those taking the products.

Barbara and I achieved Platinum International Diamond in 2004. We have created a successful business that has allowed us to live the kind of life we want, and spend time with each other and our children. My family is the driving force behind my business building. I wanted them to have the life I never had.

I've found a company to be with for the rest of my life. I'm not looking around, wondering whether the grass is greener somewhere else. If you would've told me that I'd get this far and still be this motivated, I would've thought you were crazy. But this is the real thing.