Friday, February 26, 2010

4Life Has Changed Our Lives

The following is another great dream story, submitted by long-time 4Life distributors, Neil and Patty Trammell.

We achieved the Presidential Diamond rank two years after we learned about 4Life Transfer Factor® and became part of the 4Life family. And it truly is a family. We share the power of 4Life Transfer Factor with our relatives, friends, and fellow 4Life distributors. When we joined 4Life, we were in 70s, looking for better ways to support our health, as well as supplemental income sources. Now, seven years after being introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor, we are still enjoying the health benefits of 4Life products and appreciating a very rewarding income through building our 4Life business. We also attended a Great Escape+ vacation in Hawaii and that was definitely a highlight of our experience. Being with 4Life truly has changed our lives.

The picture below was taken at a past 4Life convention. We encourage everyone, who possibly can, to attend the convention this September in Salt Lake City, Utah. There is always so much to learn, and it's a wonderful opportunity to meet and visit with distributors from all over the world. And besides that, it is a lot of fun.

Neil and Patty Trammell
4Life Presidential Diamonds

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