Friday, April 16, 2010

Dream Story: New Gold International Diamonds Ileana and Hugo Johnson

We had the opportunity to meet the Johnsons at a 4Life meeting in Puerto Rico a few years ago. We were so impressed with their leadership as distributors and principles as individuals. They have a beautiful family and it was wonderful to see how well they work together. We have no doubt that they have many years of continued success ahead of them. We are so happy about their latest achievement, although it's not surprising!

We were introduced to 4Life several years ago by Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado. We felt like what he was sharing with us was too good to be true, so we didn't give the opportunity the attention it deserved. We joined 4Life, but didn't commit ourselves to it. Two years later, we got a call from Gold International Diamond Angel Molina Gali. He told us about the 4Life opportunity and introduced us to Gold International Diamond Lily Sanchez, who's now our upline. We truly got a second chance to understand the greatness of the 4Life opportunity.

4Life has completely changed our lives. Through it, we have found a purpose for our lives and have helped make a difference in other people's lives. Many people go through life only hoping to find a company like 4Life that will allow them to achieve all of their dreams. We're so pleased that we've reached the level of Gold International Diamond. We have tremendous leaders in our organization—a group of dreamers who are committed to themselves and the future of their families. With such a great level of leadership, we felt it was only a matter of time before we would achieve success.

Our strategy in sharing the 4Life message ties closely to our fervent desire to serve and value others. We believe strongly in the power of human transformation and in helping others discover their true potential. The foundation of our business lies in furthering the personal growth of each leader in our organization. We believe that patience and perseverance are important, along with understanding that the most important process in this business is developing the faith to believe in yourself. And then, you focus on helping others.

Ileana and Hugo Johnson
California, USA