Friday, May 7, 2010

Congratulations Sadik Din and Hasnimah!

Sadik Din and Hasnimah

We are thrilled to welcome Sadik Din and Hasnimah of Singapore as our newest Platinum International Diamonds! When we were in Malaysia last November, Sadik declared his goal to reach the Platinum International Diamond level. We had no doubt then that he would reach his objective, because Sadik is a man who works hard to make his dreams come true. His dedication to help others around him succeed exemplifies what being a Platinum International Diamond is all about. We could not be happier for him.

Sadik's family is an amazing example of the power of teamwork. A few years ago, Sadik's powerhouse sister Sheri attended convention for the first time and began introducing her family to the 4Life opportunity. After a few short years, Sadik has risen to the rank of Platinum International Diamond. Sheri and their brother Akram are both Gold International Diamonds, and many other family members have become successful 4Life distributors. This family works together, plays together, and builds their businesses together. What a wonderful model for all of us!

We are also thrilled about the recent overall growth in Singapore and Malaysia. From January to April of 2010, 4Life Singapore was up 53% over 2009. Malaysia posted an 88% increase during that time. Congratulations to Sadik Din and Hasnimah and congratulations to the hard-working 4Life distributors in Singapore and Malaysia!