Friday, May 28, 2010

Special Time Spent with 4Life Distributors

This past week we had the privilege of being with some of our Gold and Platinum International Diamonds on the Gold Getaway and Platinum Pinnacle trips. It was truly rewarding to celebrate the wonderful leaders of our company who help make dreams come true for so many others.

We met with the Gold International Diamonds in San Francisco, California. One of our fondest memories from this trip will be of cruising underneath the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. We then got to join our Platinum International Diamonds in Kona, Hawaii at the Four Seasons Resort. It was a time of relaxation and rejuvenation, plus a little adventure in the forms of helicopter rides and hiking.

Of course, all these activities would be enjoyable in and of themselves, but to experience such wonderful places with inspiring members of the 4Life family made the trip much more than just a nice vacation. We also had the unique opportunity to congratulate our newest Platinum International Diamonds, Sadik Din and his wife Hasnimah. They went to the Gold Getaway and also joined us on the Platinum Pinnacle trip.

Sadik made a comment that really impressed us. He said that the greatest power God has given us is the ability to make choices. In the days since our trip, we have thought a lot about this. The mission of 4Life is all about giving people the opportunity to make the choice to improve their lives through science, success, and service. It was great to spend a few days with the wonderful leaders of 4Life who have chosen to take advantage of this great opportunity. We can hardly wait to be with those distributors who will join us next time. Choose now to be one of those people. We know you can do it!

The Gold Getaway attendees enjoy a dinner cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Platinum Pinnacle group poses together for a photo.

The Platinum Pinnacle ladies are ready to enjoy the day.