Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Share Your 4Life Story with the World

If you know much about 4Life, you understand that we are committed to providing solid science behind our products. But we have always said that science is only as good as the lives that it touches. All the research, tests, double-blind studies, and impressive results must translate into individual lives being made better through the use of the products. The substantial science behind our products gives people confidence to try them, but individual experiences give people conviction to share the products with others.

We were fascinated by transfer factors when we first heard about them, but it was not until we tried 4Life Transfer Factor® for ourselves that we became passionate about doing all we could to share it with the world. One thing we have never been short on is a wealth of personal experiences from people who have used 4Life products. In our travels all over the world, including our time here in Italy, people always share their 4Life product testimonials with us.

We're very excited to tell you about a new website— We want your story to be a part of this powerful new tool that will be released during BIG Convention 2010. Tape your own video testimonial and upload it to YouTube. Then, submit it at Stay tuned to see if your testimonial shows up on!

We're looking for any and all 4Life testimonials. Here's a list of possible topics:

—Supporting your immune system with 4Life Transfer Factor products
—Enjoying the benefits of 4Life products at wholesale cost
—Changing your life by building a 4Life business
—Building relationships with 4Life team members
—Traveling around the world
—Helping others change their lives
—Enjoying time freedom with the money you make from your 4Life business

Click here for details on how to submit your video testimonial.

Please remember to always adhere to 4Life's policy with regard to product claims; that is, 4Life distributors may not make any claim that 4Life products are useful in the cure, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation, or prevention of any diseases. Submissions will only be accepted from active 4Life distributors in good standing. Submissions become the property of 4Life and may be edited for content or to meet compliance regulations, published, or otherwise used in any medium. Any entries containing copyrighted material, obscene, crude, graphic, sexual, vulgar, explicit, or offensive content, or any content deemed unsuitable by 4Life Research, will be disqualified.