Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Gold International Diamonds: Lorena Daza Castillo and Dr. Armando Segovia

We'd like to congratulate Lorena Daza Castillo and Dr. Armando Segovia of Ecuador as our newest Gold International Diamonds. They have built their business based on 4Life's philosophy of Together, Building People® and we're grateful for their leadership, commitment, and passion for 4Life. Congratulations!

We were introduced to 4Life through Presidential Diamond Guido Viteri. Since we began our journey with 4Life, we feel full of life! We have new friends and we are fulfilling our life's purpose—to provide service to others. Through 4Life, we have witnessed the transformation of people who did not believe in themselves and had low self-esteem, whether due to their socio-economic status or their cultural background. Once they learn about 4Life, they become different people. They become leaders who can quit their jobs and enjoy a totally different lifestyle. That's 4Life. We have witnessed amazing results with our five children and the 4Life products. We believe in the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor®. For us, the quality of these products is a key point in the company.

We would like to thank Gold International Diamond Esdras Cabrera Alberto for his enthusiasm and dedication in traveling around Ecuador and sharing the 4Life opportunity. We would also like to thank all the leaders in our organization for opening their hearts to this great opportunity. Lastly, we would love to thank David and Bianca Lisonbee for taking the initiative to create a company that is truly focused on Together, Building People through science, success, and service.

Our advice for other 4Life distributors is to keep going forward. Keep your dreams alive and remember that each difficulty you face, each obstacle you overcome, and each wall you climb makes you stronger and gives you the necessary wisdom to be able to achieve your dreams and guide others. Remember that consistency and perseverance are essential in accomplishing your purposes. You have to give room for new thoughts and ideas to grow in order to achieve success. Think big! With 4Life, nothing is impossible.